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“Are you an IT guy?” You Might not Want to Miss this Video


(Please keep the captions ON  to watch Lyrics for this video) Working in corporate world can be such a pain in the a** sometimes. Watch this amazing video of a rap song made by some crazy #ITguys. : Also Read : Memorable Things in an Engineer’s Life Things Students Lie about in College Best 7 Hilarious videos to watch during Exams Kahani Appraisal Meetings Ki – A frustrated employee

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How to find Pokémon on Google Maps? | Cheat Sheet Available


As we all know, Google Maps introduced Pokémon Challenge on the occasion of April Fools Day in 2014. Using the Google Maps App on your smartphones and iPhones, you could become a Pokémon master if you find all the 150 hidden Pokémons around the world. So, what are you waiting for? Gotta Catch ’em All !! Where to find Pokémon on Google Maps? Given below are the locations at which you ...

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