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The Valentine’s Split – Which Category Do You Fall Into?

Valentine’s Day has come!
On this day, you get to see all of humanity split into three categories.

1. Forever Alone


2. Couple in Love


3. FriendZoned

The Forever Alone Type

Don’t get too down on yourself. Look around you, you will almost always have a majority of “single” pals in your group. There are a few ups for the people of this category. You are free of expectations on this day (and everyday) and you do manage to save a lot of cash on this day. Whatever cash you do spend you end up putting in your own stomach (not literally). With your single friends along with a few mugs of beer, a very common gyaan pops up in your head


So there, problem solved.

And if you really are desperately in need of a girlfriend you need to start prior preparations. And also there is the ever favorite dialogue used by the people of this category

| “Meri wali mili nahi abhi tak.”
| English translation: “I haven’t found the right girl for me yet”. 

Do use it as much as you can.

The Lovey Dovey Couple


If you just got a smile on your face, you are really happy which in turn means your girlfriend is really happy, coz we all know the saying “If she is happy, so is he.” The ups for this category of people is that you get what no other person from the other categories might get…..(If you know what I mean!)

Enough said.

The FriendZoned Ones

Well, you need to fix it before it’s too late. Else you might just find yourself joining the first category of people.

While these categories are just the ones that we could think of, there is one more which lies between the FRIENDZONE and the FOREVER ALONE types; i.e. THE ADAMANT ONES.


These kind of people just don’t accept that they lose all their chances to score and instead they shout and tell the world that they are above this love and crap. But deep inside, even they know, if they could given a chance to be with someone at the given moment, they would desperately do. But till then, this is all they can do…


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