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CRED Garage Unveiled: Master Your Vehicle’s Management in One App!

♫♫ If you are one of those genZ’s
You might not know me
Just go and ask your daddy ♫♫

♪♪ Don’t forget us, because of T20s
Don’t babyyyyyyyy
In the 90’s we were the ogs ♪♪

♪♪ We were the ogs
On your CRTs
We were the ogs ♪♪

♫♫ Chasing big runs, Beating the Aussies
Bowling long spells, In Sharjah ki garmi ♫♫

♪♪ We were the hotties,
Ask your phuphaji
We wereeeee the OG’s ♪♪

It was us

This Ring a bell? YES, you are correct. This is the lyrics from on of Cred’s best ads ever, Great for good (ft. The OGs). By OGs not any OGs but featuring some of the most legendary cricket players ever. Venkatesh Prasad, Maninder Singh, Saba Karim and Jayavagal Srinath. All of them gather perfectly in a music video that essentially replicates the boy band craze of the late 90’s.


But you might be wondering what even has Cred done again. Well, sadly it’s not an ad again. But a new feature of the Cred app. Not so long ago the fintech firm’s Head of Products, Akshay Nerula announced that Cred will be expanding its horizons from just a simple credit/cashback app into the vehicle management sphere.

The new feature is aptly called Cred Garage and some of its main features being priority concierge service, reminders about different servicing times of registered vehicles, vehicular document management (with an impressive Digilocker integration) and some insights on how the finances of all your registered vehicle is managed. On top of Digilocker integration Cred garage even features FASTag integration where users can directly top up their FASTag valet using Cred’s in-app services.

This feature would be perfect for people and users who have lots of cars and vehicles, and even the lazier ones who don’t want to manage every aspect of their vehicles by themselves. Whether you are either of the two we expect that it will help even a wider demographic of people.

Here’s one to Cred’s all-new garage feature and one more for the hope that Cred releases the full OG Indian Cricket Team album!

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