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[ Video ] – These Guys ask Pune Girls If They Know What Does E-Y-E-S Mean? The Answers Will Make You Go ROFL!

Knowing English isn’t just an attribute to one’s persona anymore. It works as an add-on along with the current status Quo to many. And when it comes to Pune, maintaining a Status Quo & knowing English enough to flaunt it go hand in hand. Everyone is well versed with the basic vocabulary of easy words. And with Pune being the host to so many colleges, schools & corporate firms, the literacy rate of the city touches a new high every now and then.

But what happened when vocabulary joined hands with common sense?

Did the Punekars come out with flying colours?
Or did they falter?
What happens when you open your ‘eyes’ but close your brains to overcome logic?

The Kar Lo Chutiyapa team took to the streets of Pune. On a bright sunny day, it was time for a rain-check of the vocabulary of the Punekars. Did they shine their way through? Or did their minds get clouded?


We take a look at how the Punekars reacted to this funny jab at them by the Kar Lo Chutiyapa team & as it goes, did they really end up doing ‘Chutiyapa’?

Watch the video below to find out:


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