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Justice League: Celebrates Diversity and Inclusion in KPB Hinduja College of Commerce | 21st March

In a glorious display of diversity and empowerment, KPB Hinduja College hosted the much-anticipated Justice League event, celebrating inclusivity and acceptance. Organized within the college premises, this extravaganza brought together 15 participants from various backgrounds to showcase their talents and advocate for the rights of the transgender community.


The event, which unfolded on March 21, 2024, was a testament to the college’s commitment to fostering an environment of unity and understanding. Under the discerning gaze of judges Sanket Sawant, known as “Gentleman Gaga,” and Navya Singh, participants took to the stage to share their stories, talents, and messages of empowerment.

From the moment the curtains rose, the audience was treated to a mesmerizing array of performances that transcended cultural boundaries. Shayaris, poems, and speeches, delivered with passion and conviction, served as poignant reminders of the shared humanity that unites us all. Through these artistic expressions, participants highlighted the struggles and triumphs of the transgender community, shedding light on their experiences and advocating for their rights.

The event was not merely a showcase of talent but a platform for education and advocacy. Participants addressed pressing issues such as discrimination, stigma, and the importance of inclusivity. They emphasized that transgender individuals are equal members of society, deserving of respect, dignity, and equal rights.


Among the highlights of the evening were captivating performances of Lavani and Kathak, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of India. Through these traditional art forms, participants celebrated their identities and demonstrated that diversity is a source of strength and beauty.

In his role as judge, Sanket Sawant praised the participants for their courage and creativity, applauding their efforts to raise awareness and promote social change. Navya Singh echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the importance of events like Justice League in fostering dialogue and understanding.

As the event drew to a close, attendees were left inspired and invigorated, eager to continue the conversation and work towards a more inclusive society. Justice League at KPB Hinduja College served as a powerful reminder that when we embrace diversity and celebrate each other’s differences, we create a world where every individual is valued and accepted.

In conclusion, Justice League was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the human spirit and a call to action for a more equitable and inclusive future.

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