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How to find Pokémon on Google Maps? | Cheat Sheet Available

As we all know, Google Maps introduced Pokémon Challenge on the occasion of April Fools Day in 2014. Using the Google Maps App on your smartphones and iPhones, you could become a Pokémon master if you find all the 150 hidden Pokémons around the world. So, what are you waiting for?

Gotta Catch ’em All !!


Where to find Pokémon on Google Maps?

Given below are the locations at which you can find those specific Pokémon !

“Scroll to the bottom of this page to find out related Images and Videos”

Absol – FDR Park, Philadelphia, PA

Aegislash – Sakurajima, Konohana Ward; Southeast of marker. Kansas City, MO

Aggron – San Francisco, by Fort Mason

Ampharos – CERN, Switzerland; Microsoft Building 17, Redmond, WA; DNA Lounge, San Francisco ;

Audino – Ministry of Defence, Whitehall, London UK; in a mall near the Switzerland-France border

Banette – Galapagos island, south plaza island / Estes Park, CO, US

Bayleef – CERN, Switzerland, Charles Darwin Research Station

Beautifly – Puerto Ayora, Ecuador (Northeast of Pokemon Lab building)

Blaziken – Mt. Etna; Near Tentokuji Temple, Tokyo

Braixen – Honolulu, Hawaii (Diamond Head) / Great Prismatic Spring, Yellowstone Nat. Park, US

Buizel – in the water north of Google HQ

Bulbasaur – near Google HQarcanine_pokeball_by_lepatchi-d4k61n9

Buneary – Statue of Liberty, OR, Tower Bridge London

Bunnelby – Sacré-Coeur, Paris

Chandelure – Area 51, OR, Tower of London

Charizard – Mount Yasur; Old Faithful

Charmander – Sydney Observatory, Australia

Charmeleon – Mount Shasta; Galapagos islands, Fernandina Island volcano

Chatot – Sydney Opera House

Chesnaught – Lane Cove national park

Chespin – Kuritsu Kashinomiya Park

Chikorita – Bedwell Bayfront Park

Chimchar – near Toyomi Sports Park, Tokyo, Japan

Cofagrigus – Bran Castle, Romania

Combee – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Combusken – Volcan de Pacaya, Guatemala

Croagunk – CERN, Switzerland, Barrios El Eden

Croconaw – Stanford University, Lake Lagunita

Cubchoo – SE of Hietaniemi Cemetery, Helsinki, Finland

Cyndaquil – Sakurajima, Japan: Go to the right for Cyndaquil

Dedenne – Harvard and Nintendo Headquarters (Kyoto), Ottawa

Deerling – Grand Hyatt, Tokyo, Japan

Dewott – in the bay (?) northeast of Google HQ

Donphan – Stonehenge, Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro), Great Pyramid of Giza, Alcedo Volcano (Galapagos Islands), Southwest of Galapagos National Park

Dragonite – Loch Ness

Eevee – Yankee Stadium, NYC, also Antigua, Guatemala

Emboar – Odessa Meteor Crater, TX, USA

Emolga – CERN, Switzerland

Empoleon – San Francisco, Sutro Baths

Espeon – CERN, Switzerland

Feraligatr – North of Pulu Blan, near Cocos Island

Ferrothorn – Asukayama Park, Tokyo

Flareon – Sydney (Kirby Walk)

Froakie – Honolulu, Hawaii [Pacific Beach Hotel], Charles Darwin Research Station; Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco, Puerto Ayora

Frogadier – Bellagio, Las Vegas

Garchomp – Great Wall, China, Charles Darwin Research Station

Gengar – Roswell, NM, USA

Glaceon – Mount Everest

Goodra – La Moneda, santiago Chile, Galapagos Island

Greninja – Sydney, Australia (more directions¿?¿)

Grotle – Kansai Rinkai Park

Grovyle – Archibald Fountain Sydney

Gyrados – Euphrat Museum of Art; tel aviv beach, Israel

Haxorus – Taronga Zoo North of Sydney; San Francisco – Union Square

Helioptile – Eiffel Tower/Wardenclyffe Tower

Heracross – West of Barrio El Eden (not confirmed)

Hoothoot – JFK Airport, USA

Hydreigon – Le Grand Louvre(Louvre Museum)

Infernape – Gary, IN

Inkay-Bilbao,Spain, Redwood City CA

Ivysaur – Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Jigglypuff – Yamanote Lin;, Sydney

Jolteon – Moscow, CERN, pico-union LA

Joltik – Googleplex

Kecleon – Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid, SPAIN ; Cook County Jail, Chicago

Kirlia – Eiffel Tower,Paris

Lapras – Nile, Cairo, Egypt (near Road Al Farag Bridge, go north where the Nile forks)

Lotad – Lavender Bay, Belfast Ireland

Lucario – Stock Exchange, New York, NY

Luxray – Googleplex

Mamoswine – Whistler Mountain

Marill – Crater Lake

Marshtomp – Little Manley Cove, Manly Austraila

Mawile – Versailles, France

Meganium – White House

Meowstic (Female) – Georgia Tech/Stanford University, Area 51

Meowstic (Male) – south of Big Ben, London UK / Mountain View, CA

Meowth – Camp Randall Stadium, Madison, WI, USA

Metagross – Googleplex, CERN (Switzerland)

Milotic – Isla Tortuga, Galapagos Islands; Lake Merced, San Franciso

Miltank – Columbus Museum of Art

Minccino – Saint-Gervais, Paris, France

Minun – USAFA Solar Power Plant off I-25, Colorado Springs, CO, US, Tokyo Skytree

Monferno – East of Nagashio Hospital

Mudkip – Sydney (Rozelle bay)

Munchlax – Empire State Building, NY, USA

Munna – Area 51; E 53rd St & 2nd Ave, NYC

Noivern – Portland, OR, CERN (Switzerland), Puerto Ayora

Oshawott – in a lake westof Google HQ

Pachirisu – Googleplex

Pancham – Pokemon Center Osaka/Googleplex

Pichu – CERN Bldg 868, Switzerland

Pidgey – Toronto (CN Tower), Laguardia Airport NYC

Pidove – Barrios El Eden

Pignite – Meteor Crater, AZ, USA

Pikachu – Tokyo Tower, CERN

Piplup – South Basin, San Francisco (zoom in to see)

Plusle- Coney Island, Cincinnati, OH, McMurdo Station, Antartica, and CERN

Porygon – Taipei 101

Prinplup – Small unnamed island to east of Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands

Psyduck – Seattle Aquarium

Pumpkaboo – Moscow, OR, Pyramids of Giza

Quilava – East side of Mt. Fuji

Quilladin – Hanegi Park, Setagaya, Tokyo; Boronia Park, Australia; Santa Fe Island

Raichu – CERN, Switzerland, Oxford, Jackson Square New Orleans

Rotom – Nintendo World, Rockefeller Center, NYC

Sableye – Magic Kingdom, Orlando, FL

Salamence – 15th and 8th Street, NYC; southeast of Google HQ; Galapagos – San Cristóbal Island

Samurott – Sydney Observatory

Scepticle – Cocos Island (Puntarenas)

Scizor – Clark Field, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX

Scraggy – Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, Santa Cruz Hwy (Go to the coordinate)

Serperior – Central Park, NYC

Servine – Royal Observatory Greenwich

Snivy – Rockefeller Garden, Jerusalem

Snorlax – Vatican City

Spiritomb – Embaracadero & Green in San Francisco

Spritzee – Disneyland, Anaheim CA

Squirtle – Venice, Italy

Staraptor – Bellevue hills Sydney

Steelix – Germantown, Ann Arbor, MI

Stunfisk – Tortuga Bay, Galapagos

Sudowoodo – Easter Island, Cork Ireland, Casa del Lago Lodging House

Swampert – near Alan Davidson Oval at the alexandra Canal, Sydney Australia, The Royne, near CERN

Swirlix – Yoyogi Park, Shibuya, Tokyo, Dublin Ireland

Sylveon – Venice, France and Central Park, NYC

Taillow – Sydney (south east of Newington College in ilawarra Rd) ; Newark Airport, Newark, NJ

Talonflame – Volcán Wolf, Isla Isabela, Galapagos

Tepig – Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

Togepi – Sagrada Familia, Barcelona SPAIN

Torchic – Mt. Vesuvius

Torterra – slightly up and to the left of West Emerson St., Seattle Washington

Totodile – Hoover Dam, NV, USA

Turtwig – Parque Nacional do Jaù

Typhlosion – Krakatoa

Tyranitar – Mount McKinley, Galapagos National Park, Villa Laguna Hotel Manta

Umbreon – near Sydney Lyric Theatre, Sydney Australia

Unown – Area 51; Route du Mandement, CERN

Vaporeon – The Palm Jumeira

Venusaur – Alberta Legislature Building

Wailord – Denmark (The Little Mermaid)

Wartortle – Rome

Wobbuffet – Area 51; Switzerland-France border near CERN

Zoroark – Hotel Andreas Tulum (Tulum, Mexico)


Here are some Pokémon which our team found while browsing Google Maps!

(Click to view full screen!!)

Just in case, if you are not aware of the Google Maps campaign about hidden Pokémons, please watch this video!!

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