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10 College Events That Students Studying In Pune Should Never Miss! | Campus Times Pune Exclusive

College events are the inseparable part of college life. Almost all the colleges in Pune organize technical / cultural / sports events at departmental, intercollegiate or national level events throughout the year. So as a student it’s very difficult to attend all of them because of the khadoos faculties who don’t give away free attendance for attending events which badly hampers our attendance criteria calculations. So as always, Campus Times Pune jumps in for the rescue! Here are the list of 10 college events in Pune that you should definitely attend at any cost.

1) CoEP MindSpark

COEP Mindspark is the flagship event of COEP that attracts crowds from all over India. A lot of events, workshops, and revered speakers highlight this event. It’s a mixture of technical as well as cultural events and is well-known all across the country. Mindspark can be called the Biggest Technical Festival in Pune


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2) Sinhgad Karandak

Sinhgad Karandak is the annual flagship event of Sinhgad Institutes where all 10 sister colleges of Sinhgad Institutes organize almost 300+ events and give out prize money to the tune of 10 lacs. Young crowd, concerts and plethora of events is what sets Sinhgad Karandak apart.

sinhgad karandak events pune sinhgad college of engineering

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International artists show up for the college fest. In Sinhagad Karandak 2016, Chainsmokers drove the students crazy. Need a proof? Here you go!


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3) VIT Mélange

Melange is a  grand week-long annual inter-college interdisciplinary fest of VIT Pune. Mélange is a French word that means mixed. It has a plethora of events under its wing, pertaining to Technical, extracurricular, Social, and Sports fields with participants from various colleges from Pune and almost all major cities of Maharashtra. Top Participating colleges include IIT-B, COEP, VNIT, Symbiosis, etc. Artists like Mohit Chauhan, Vishal & Shekhar, Amit Trivedi & Neeti Mohan are part of VIT Melange every year.

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4) MIT Aarohan

Aarohan is the cultural fest of Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) . It boasts of events like Fashion Show, Street Play competition, Band Competition, Group Dance Competition, Art Maestro, etc. You just can’t afford to miss this event. Bunk the classes if you need to.


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5) BMCC Troika

The spark of BMCC is its mirthful crowd in the flamboyant atmosphere. Their fest Troika features various literary, intellectual, entertainment and management events. Troika has always had centralized themes like cartoons, TV shows, and superheroes. It isn’t limited to such activities but also has a social cause for children.

bmcc troika fc road santa pune college event

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We present you the highlights of what happened during BMCC Troika 2016.


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6) Symbiosis Sympulse

Spread across a span of five days this event scales mindblowing heights of awesomeness in the city! Every year Sympulse is adorned with a theme. The previous themes have been: City Beats, Medieval Mayhem, Theatre of Transition, Spirit of Celebration, Escape to Neverland, and Chrono Drift. The other thing that Sympulse is known for is the celebrity presence. Madhur Bhandarkar, Javed Jaffrey, Mugdha Godse, Ayushman Khurana, Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty etc. have all been here.

sympuls symbiosis event college life events pune

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7) CoEP Zest

If there is any college event in Pune that covers all types of sporting competitions including baseball (Yes! Baseball too!), which has a huge turnout in terms of participants as well as the audience then it has to be COEP Zest! Hands down! If you’re a sports buff then definitely you should attend this biggest sports fest of Pune! The way this event has evolved over the years suggests only one thing – One day they’ll host the COLYMPICS! (for the low I.Q folks: College + Olympics = Colympics)

bike stunts coep zest college event pune

We present you the highlights of what happened during COEP Zest 2016.


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8) PICT Credenz

This one is a proper technical event conducted by the PISB students of Pune Institute of Computer Technology. Credenz events are known for its high complexity and quality. It’s not just an another technical event. If you win any competitions here then you will truly earn respect for yourself because you need to overcome the fierce competition by the home students which is not that easy.

campus times pune pict credenz college event

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9) FLAME Kurukshetra

FLAME University’s inter-college student-run fest, Kurukshetra, as the name suggests, is the battlefield where students from various colleges across India compete in sports, cultural, and management events. True to its foundation in liberal education, the fest is an all-around experience and caters to every individual’s interest and skill set.


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10) AISSMS Alacrity

Alacrity means cheerfulness, liveliness. Organized for the first time in 2010, this event has grown leaps and bounds attracting participants from all over the country. The have almost 70 individual events under their belt that are sub-divided as cultural, technical and sports. Definitely worth a visit.

alacrity event pune college events aissms ioit

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These were the 10 college events in Pune that you should never miss under any circumstances. Participation Certificate ki kasam!

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10 College Fests & Cultural Events in Pune You Shouldn't Miss in 2020
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10 College Fests & Cultural Events in Pune You Shouldn't Miss in 2020
College events are an inseparable part of college life. Pune, as we know, is the city of the youth, here are 10 College Fests that you shouldn't miss in Pune.
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  1. Aarohan is not MIT’s event. It is MITcoe’s event. Main MIT has ‘MIT Texephyr.’

  2. Better to mention the approximate tentative dates for each of the fests so it becomes relevant especially for visitors to Pune

  3. Listing is wrong, on what criteria do y’all evaluate a fest ?
    Sympulse is one of the widest ranging fest in terms of Headliner events & Artists as compared to other fests.
    I would like to know how are y’all calculating the same and showing this result.

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