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10 Terms That All Engineering Freshers Should Be Aware Of Before Joining College

Hola Engineering Freshers!

After all the college reviews that we rolled out for you in the past few days to help you in the admission process, now we are taking up a new frontier. Now, we wanna get you acquainted with all the terms that would be thrown at you once join your engineering college. There are a lot of terms that you might be hearing in future and out of that we have filtered out 10 significant terms. Read ahead and we hope you like it!

Term Work

Term Work is like a Sudarshan Chakra for the faculties. If you misbehave, it will be thrown at you. If you don’t obey them, it will be thrown at you. Term Work is a nasty blackmailing weapon laced with dark powers. It has the power to control everything that you do. The faculties can make you dance on their filthy tunes with just this word- Term Work!

In official terms, term work is the additional marks that a college is allowed to give for a student. Officially, it has to be awarded by taking into account student’s performance, attendance and extra-curricular activities but at the end of the day it’s just a rating as to who is a better sycophant.


All of you are coming into this college life after shedding off the life in schools and junior colleges where strict discipline regarding attendance is enforced. You’re wrong if you’re thinking now I can stay at home and relax. No! Most of the engineering colleges enforce strict rules about the attendance and failing to abide by these rules may not end well for you.


University of Pune has prescribed a mandatory 75% attendance norm for engineering students. Now there are always some cool people in every batch who defy the system and avoid coming for lectures. And eventually they fail to clear the 75% line. These cool people are called defaulters. They are like our good old freedom fighters who dauntlessly boycotted everything the British government laid out. But unfortunately, sometimes it is fatal and these defaulters end up getting detained which means they are declared ineligible to attend the semester exams. Some colleges go easy on them but some colleges really mean business and you shouldn’t mess with them unless you have a plan B, C or whatever.

Practicals & Vivas

Yes there are practicals and viva in engineering! And well…. No kidding! They are tougher than the theory papers. And during every practical/viva exams the first question that students ask is –

External kon hai??

And vivas are those occasion in your engineering life when the faculties from other college ask you questions to which they don’t have the answers.


It is the external faculty who decides your fate even if you manage to perform your practicals/vivas successfully. And if that external has some grudges/history with your college then bwoy, you’re doomed!

Who is an ideal External in student’s point of view?

Well, an Ideal External is that person:

  • Who had an awesome sleep last night.
  • Did not fight with husband/wife in the morning before leaving for your college.
  • Was not stuck in traffic on the way to your college.
  • Was treated gently with free breakfast, lunch and snacks by your college.
  • Who is well aware that engineering students know nothing.


I can tell you what Submission means but if you ask me what’s the purpose of it I can’t really tell ya.

Submission is a process in which students are forced waste a lot of paper against their will by either printing copy-pasted stuff or by writing copy-pasted stuff and in the end the college earns money by selling those big bundles of paper to raddiwalas. 

Whoever devised this submission system was really on to something. May he die the most painful death.


This word is something that some of you might be hearing a lot in future. Backlog means that you flunked in a theory or practical exam and backlogs mean that you flunked in more than one subject. And in engineering its very rare that you flunk in only one subject so ‘Backlogs’ is the word for you! But hey it’s not the end of the world.

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There are some stupidos who panic and end up doing unimaginable things and break their near and dear ones into pieces. Instead, you can get your shit together, clear it all and be an inspiration!


Critical is for the people who love to live an adventurous life or for people who live their life dangerously.

If you fail in a subject in first semester then you get 3 more chances to clear it and if you fail in a subject in second semester then you get 2 more chances to clear it. And the last attempt is called critical subject.

Year Down

If you fail in your last attempt you’ll not be allowed to continue the course until you clear that critical subject which means you’ll lose 1 year in the process and so the word ‘Year Down’

Another way by which you can get Year Down is if you fail in more than 3 theory subjects and 2 practical/vivas.

I have been in this situation, so I would advise you to avoid critical stage as much as possible. Its truly dangerous.


The word criteria will start bothering you right from the beginning of your course.

Criteria refers to the eligibility mark set by companies that come to your college to recruit students. There are different criteria set by different companies.

For example,

An XYZ company allows only those students who have at least 60% score in all the semesters.

So this 60% is the ‘criteria’ here. And by the time you’re in third year chances are that you might see yourself calculating your criteria even in your dreams. The calculations get fierce as days pass by as you try to estimate how much you need to score in the current semester to get to that that criteria of the companies.

So these were the 10 most famous jargons of engineering life that you’ll be hearing a lot. Have something more to add, pen them down in the comments below!


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