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SYMPULSE ’18 is Here and We Give You 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited About It | 17th – 21st Jan 2018

Sympulse 2018 – which is heralded as Pune’s biggest collegiate fest and is hosted by Symbiosis Center for Management Studies (SCMS Pune). The fest which extends over 5 days commences on the 17th of January and culminates on the 21st of January, 2018. At a massive fest such as Sympulse, a little guide about the highlights never goes awry. Here are 5 things you should be looking forward to during Sympulse 2018:

What is so Special at Sympulse 2018 ?


Pit Stop at Sympulse 2018

Get ready to enjoy a display of some of the world’s best automobiles ranging from Aston Martins to Bentleys, Maybach to Lamborghinis, Yamahas to Ducatis and many others at our very own Automobile Paradise, Pit stop. So, folks hold on to the gears and surpass all your fears as this is going to be one hell of a ride!

Food Bazaar at Sympulse 2018

The big exhibition of food stalls and display is an attraction for both food lovers and people looking for a change in palate all 5 days of the fest. With discounted prices the food is even more inviting and burns a smaller hole in the pocket.


Celebrities at Sympulse 2018

The celebrity Quotient that materializes on the five days is definitely something to look forward to. From Actors to Designers to Dancers, people from all walks of life come to judge events in their realm of expertise and getting to see them up close is a treat.


Fashion Shows & Ramp Walks at Sympulse 2018

Most of us are accustomed to pounding over Fashion Shows and Ramp walks that we see on TV or read on Fashion Magazines. Sympulse gives you a chance to do that live! Enjoy the charm and grace that the participants bring onto stage with their elegance. To place the cherry on the cake, we’ve had beautiful, talented judges like Nivedita Saboo, Diandra Soares and Nandita Mahtani who add to the beauty of the event.


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Musical Night at Sympulse 2018

Just when you think that all the fun and fervor has come to an end Musical Nights surprises you with an electrifying musical fiesta that will leave you grooving to the rhythm of the night. With artists like Farhan Akhtar, Ayushmann Khurrana, Shankar Mahadevan and many other musical legends, this is an event that you would never forget.


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Event Details
Event Name
Sympulse '18
Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Near Lunkad Gold Coast,Viman Nagar,Pune-411014
Starting on
January 17, 2018
Ending on
January 21, 2018
About the Event
Sympulse is an annual international college festival at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies (SCMS) Pune, founded in 2010. It spreads across a span of five days held in the first quarter of every year. It attracts students from junior, under-graduate and post-graduate colleges as participants.

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