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AISSMS’s Institute of Information Technology Presents Alacrity 2016 | 16th – 19th February

Alacrity which also means zest, liveliness was started in 2010 and has attendees from various institutes across Maharashtra. For the past 6 years this event has been a tremendous success. It  is one of the most awaited intercollegiate events in Maharashtra receiving participation from institutes throughout the country including various technical and non-technical institutes.

alacrity event poster 2016

Alacrity hosts more than 70+ individual events (Technical, Cultural and Sports) in total. The annual cultural, technical and sports event of the Institute Of Information Technology, Alacrity 2016 will be entering its seventh year in providing a platform for young minds to blossom. The event promises to get bigger, better and more entertaining than ever before. The annual national intercollegiate fest of AISSMS’s Institute Of Information Technology, is one of the biggest and most anticipated college festivals of the western region of India. It is scheduled to take place in February 2016. We have got a number of events this year.

New and innovative events will get your mind blowing and wanting for more. Over 70 and more events taking place in the campus and around Pune will get you soaring high. This time Alacrity will be presenting events like Clash Of Clan, Dubsmash, RoboKabbadi, 3-A side Basket Ball and many more. There are so many events which no other college fest offers such as Pani Puri eating contest, Clash Of Clan, etc. It is the only fest which provides platform to students where they can perform not into technical events but also in the field like sports and cultural.

Major Attraction of Alacrity 2016

R2-D2 or Artoo-Detoo which is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe created by George Lucas. R2-D2 is a major character in all Star Wars films, and is also the first character to appear in the franchise. R2-D2 was designed in artwork by Ralph McQuarrie and co-developed by John Stears but actually built by Tony Dyson. This time Alacrity going to build a robot which is much similar to the original R2D2!

major attraction alacrity event poster 2016

R2D2 bot will do live recording of all the event by moving with the help of inbuilt camera. This all video is going to broadcast on our video channel. The neck of the bot is also rotating. The bot will be controlled wireless. Participants will take part in a City Wide Treasure Hunt on bikes deciphering codes, moving through pit stops and performing tasks. The epitome of adventure and thrill! Winners get a chance to win trip to Goa, exclusive gadgets for the tech freaks, and even better cash prizes.

Watch This Video of Alacrity Flash Mob 2016

Alacrity Flashback!

Alacrity 2016 Important Links

Alacrity has its own culture. They are accepting latest technology in the management to make arrangements easier. They have developed an ecosystem where all the data entries will be managed by server without human efforts. All the student entries are managed by Mobile App. This makes AISSMS’s Institute of Information Technology digitally strong.

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