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13 Things About BMCC’s Troika You Definitely Need To Know About!

It is that time of the year when every college student is anticipating in excitement for various college annual fests and events. The stark intention of these is to provide a platform for all to gather, share ideas & interests, interact, have fun, experience something unique and display their potential by competing in what they are best at.

Troika 2016 tries to ignite that spark and create an atmosphere of amazement through its attractions and distinctive events. The 3 day spectacular dated 11th, 12th and 13th January will drift across various challenging events.

  • Quiz : Witty battle of brains, wherein everything you slain.

  • Apprentice : The expedition for the best entrepreneurial genius.

  • Mock Stock : Intuition outweighs intelligence at this virtual stock market.

  • Group Discussion : The influx of views where we determine what actually is right and not who is.

  • Debate : Your way with words and ability to take a stand and prove your point.

  • Treasure Hunt : Conquest featuring tricky tasks and tests to win that glittering chest.

  • Gaming : Souvenirs like joysticks and consoles of gaming geeks will have WWE, FIFA, CS and NFS at the peak.

  • Photography : Focus of which will be those who can capture souls, through lens, not pictures.

  • Art : Sketchers and painters who speak through their artistic skill and thrill.

  • Mad Ads : Creativity and humor in a unique way to make an advertisement.

  • Creative Writing : Narrating and reciting isn’t everyone’s cue. But if you can write, aboard this flight.

  • Dance : Hop, jig, pirouette; show what you got and brag your art.

  • Entertainment Block : Movies and celebs. Entertainment quiz, dumb charades and arm wrestling it will possess.

  • Football : Sport that needs no mention, in the form of a Futsal tournament for all.

  • Tug of War : Strength and stamina tower for the ones with power.


  • Troika is not just an event to us, but a way of life.

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