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Honest Event Reviews : Swartarang 2015 (PCCOE’s Annual Gathering)


Swartarang 2015, the annual function of Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering was conducted on the 3rd of April  2015 at the PCCOE lawns. What’s new this year is that PCCOE has their very own concrete stage set up for every future gathering. (Achievement : Unlocked!)

The theme for this year’s gathering was women empowerment (probably after the vogue video). The theme was comprehended by having 4 girls and 2 boys on the panel of hosts.

The 2015 edition of the event Swartarang started off with a bang with performances being put up by PCCOE’s very own college students! Performances included dances, plays, rock band, and finally a splendid ramp walk performance put up by college students of PCCOE.

This annual function of PCCOE is usually conducted for a 2 day period. This time though due to certain reasons related to academics, it was cut down to a one day event. The scheduled time to begin was around 4.15 pm. You might have guessed by now, that it did not start at 4.15 pm..nor did it start at 5pm…there was a delay of about an hour or two. But even with the delay the coordinators managed to finish up every act without cutting their slot out..which is commendable. The security at the entrance gate was leveled up several notches which meant Bye Bye to friends who wanted to witness the show.

Image Courtesy: Sharvari Deshpande and Soham Kulkarni

Pune University’s very first female General Secretary of PCCOE, Miss Akshada Sable with the help of the ever guiding staff and her collegues from the other student council committees made sure that Swartarang 2015 ended on a high note. The sound system setup on stage was something to be appreciated for during dance and ramp walk performances. Although the same couldn’t have been said for the band performances with technical glitches over shadowing the sound quality.

All in all, the event was a success given that all performances had to be wrapped up in a single day and with the shortage of time. A proper example of time management (at least towards the end) was showcased during the entire phase of the event.

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The 2015 edition of the event Swartarang started off with a bang with performances being put up by PCCOE's very own college students! Performances…

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Summary : Overall the event was a successful venture. The time was managed well. A few mishaps were witnessed at the entrance gate. Some technical issues were experienced during the band show, other wise the entire show was a smooth sailing.

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