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Campus Times Pune is an initiative taken by some enthusiastic students of Pune to entertain the "Netizens" by providing cool and trending content online. Articles from contributors who prefer keeping their identity anonymous, are published under our authorship. You can contact us with your articles by sending them to "[email protected]"

FORZA 2K23 is all set to take place on 22-24th July at ISB&M, Nande Campus Pune


What is FORZA 2k23? FORZA 2k23 is the Grand Foundation Day Celebration of ISB&M Pune!Get ready to witness the ultimate clash of brilliance as all ISB&M campuses come together to compete, collaborate, and celebrate the spirit of excellence! From 22nd to 24th July 2023, the breathtaking ISB&M Nande Campus will be buzzing with a plethora of cultural extravaganzas, thrilling sports events, and intense business competitions and many more.Unleash your creativity ...

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Top 8 Underrated Bakeries in Pune That are the Hidden Gems of the City

Want help discovering some underrated bakeries in Pune? The concept of underrated bakeries can differ depending on personal tastes and preferences. It’s always a good idea to explore and discover your favorite hidden gems in Pune’s bakery scene. Pune’s vibrant food culture has some rich-in-taste underrated bakeries. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the top 8 underrated bakeries in Pune. These bakeries may not always be in the ...

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Unveiling Pune’s Glorious Past: Journey Through The Unforgettable Before And After Landmarks.

YERWADA CENTRAL JAIL Before Image Courtesy Now Image Courtesy Yerwada Jail, located in Yerwada area of Pune, was built in 1871-1874. It was initially designed to accommodate around 1,000 prisoners, both male and female, and was considered one of the largest prisons in India at the time. Today, it remains an operational prison, being the largest prison in Maharashtra, India, and one of the largest in South Asia. It accommodates ...

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