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Celebrate Holi in Pune: The Top 5 Vibrant Parties to Attend on 25th March 2024

As the festival of colors, Holi approaches, Pune prepares for various vivid activities around the city. With so many alternatives available, finding the ideal Holi party to attend might be difficult. However, do not worry; we have compiled a list of the best five Holi parties in Pune on March 25th, 2024, providing a memorable experience for attendees.


List of Holi Parties & Events in Pune in March 2024:

Bollytech Holi at Unwind Pune:


Start your Holi celebrations with Bollytech Holi, which will be held at Unwind Pune. With the mix of Bollywood tunes and techno wonders, it will create an immersive experience like nothing before. Dance to the newest tracks while surrounded by vivid hues, making it the ideal combination of music, technology, and celebration. Featuring Rohen Anthony, also known as Meghraj DJ Tajesh, a well-known DJ in town.

Pune Color Festival 6.0 at Mahalakshmi Lawns:


Experience the beauty of Holi at the Pune Color Festival 6.0, at the large Mahalakshmi Lawns. Get ready to be showered in an explosion of hues as you groove to live music in various genres of Bollywood, EDM, English, Hindi, Marathi, and Punjabi performances by famous DJs like DJ Jigyesh, DJ Sunny-Harmeet and DJ Ashraf. With food vendors offering exquisite foods and a bustling environment, this event offers an enjoyable celebration for all participants.

Rang de Pune 3.0 at Royals Palm:


Join the joyful audience at Rang de Pune 3.0, organized by Royals Palm, for an amazing Holi celebration that welcomes all age groups. Get immersed in the festive mood by joining traditional rituals and fun colour wars with your friends and family. With DJ sets featuring Akey, Sidious, Shanaya, Kryso, and Karua Shaw and a supporting act by Dev Mutha blasting exciting music and a carnival-style ambience, this event promises nonstop fun and excitement.

Da High Holi at Turf Club:


Elevate your Holi celebrations with Da High Holi, which will be held at Turf Club in Pune. Always with the exclusive feels and immense happiness with festival feels as you get the chance to dance beneath the open sky, surrounded by the vibrant hues. With a broad mix of music genres and a roster of top-tier DJs, this party promises to be an amazing experience for all guests.

Holi Cow feat. B Praak at 2BHK:


Holi Cow feat. B Praak and Vini Vici, an energetic trance combo from Israel at 2BHK at The Mills Pune, provides a one-of-a-kind Holi experience. Immerse yourself in the famed singer’s soulful songs, infectious beats, and innovative soundscapes while celebrating Holi in a more intimate atmosphere. With various other artists lined up, Rishab, Knhali, Garry, Anand, and many more.

Therefore, multiple parties in Pune enjoy a broad range of Holi celebrations, each providing a unique and unforgettable experience for participants. Whether you choose a high-energy spectacle or a more relaxed celebration, there is something for everyone on March 25th, assuring a cheerful and colourful Holi in Maharashtra’s cultural heartland.

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