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Experience the Thrills: 96th Regatta Sets Sail, Unveiling Power on 24th Mar 2024

Standing out amongst Indian Engineering Colleges, COEP Tech excels in academics and vibrant extracurriculars, boasting numerous fests, events, and activities. “96th Regatta” is all about exciting boat races, bringing together competition and the beauty of the water. It is the magnificent outcome of devotion, rigorous practice, intense determination, and discerning minds. Regatta is recognized by the Limca Book of Records as the longest-running college festival in India since 1928.

COEP students relentlessly chase their dreams and determination. They tirelessly work day and night to meticulously organize the fest. The utmost important element in Regatta is the participants’ extensive training in various performances.

In the lively heart of Pune, COEP Technological University anticipates the pinnacle of excitement with its upcoming 96th edition of the renowned Regatta event on 24th March 2024 with the vibrant energy of Kayak Ballet and Shell Games to the enchanting allure of Telematches, Punt Formation, and Mashaal Dance.

We introduce you to our 96th Regatta theme, “Dawn to Radiance” which summarizes a metaphorical journey, starting from the early stages represented by “dawn” which often signifies the beginning. As the theme progresses towards “radiance” it implies a transformation into a state of brightness.

The COEP Regatta has mainly five shows Kayak Ballet, Shell Games, Telematches, Punt Formation, and Mashaal Dance. These events exhibit the unique and rare boats that exist in India.

Kayak Ballet: Kayaks glide over the water with elegance, speed, and agility. They glide through the murky rivers ablaze. It is the relentless toughness of the kayak ballet parade.

96th Regatta COEP

Shell Games: Shell games require a lot of core power. The strength of the shell gamers breaches through life and pain. The experience etches itself into memory as you feel the rhythmic depth of your oars in the water, all while navigating with a serene calmness through the currents


Telematches: It is a show that requires lots of courage and determination. It is a mesmerizing journey of bravery and valor. The calm waters and the roaring fire collectively create a marvelous sight referred to as Telematches.

Punt Formation: A celestial spectacle on water, where lights shine brighter than stars and shapes rival the beauty of constellations. It is a show that requires lots of coordination and understanding. The formation of many shapes with the punts(boats) in the dark waters portrays the glory of lights.


Mashaal Dance: It is the only show of the Regatta in which boats are not used and takes place on the river bank opposite COEP Boat Club. Participants with lightened Mashaal create static and moving shapes based on theme and convey message.

Night Show at Regatta

Besides this, there is also a combined formation of all the shows, which signifies our integrity towards the 96th Regatta known as the “Arrow Formation”.

Arrow Formation: The COEP heritage of the 15 rare boats is indicated by a shaped arrow. The arrow’s tip is one of the three wooden lighters of Asia. This symbolizes ambition and integrity as the purpose of the Regatta.

96th Regatta will persevere in its aim and soar high above its limits with its hard work.


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