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Top 5 Most Affordable Rooftop Restaurants in Pune You Must Visit to Witness a Magical Evening!

Pune, famous for its rich cultural heritage and lively surroundings, also has a flourishing food industry. The rooftop eateries and restaurants offer an unmatched eating experience. How nice it is to go out with family/friends or even a loved one for a magical sunset or a late-morning brunch in Pune?


Listed below are the top five budget rooftop restaurants in Pune that not only guarantee plenty of food for your taste buds but also provide an amazing view of the city.

1. SKYE Rooftop:

SKYE Rooftop, perched on the Eternia Tower, is an embodiment of Pune’s changing culinary milieu. Skye Rooftop is a magnificent eatery with a breathtaking background and an array of dishes that include vintage and present times dishes. The outdoor space has a vibrant atmosphere, which makes it well suited for a cosy dining moment or an exciting reunion of friends. From delightful kebabs to luscious desserts, SKYE Rooftop serves up a pocket friendly eating experience.

2. TRP - The Rooftop Project:

It is a basic restaurant with beautiful green views and a stylish bar area that will entice you to purchase beverages. One advantage of TRP is that they offer two sections: one for smokers and one for non-smokers. So if you can’t handle the stench of cigarettes, TRP is the place for you. TRP’s Chocolate Mud Pie is a game changer, and it’s also a budget friendly place. Enjoy the meal without worrying about monetary payment.

3. Spice Factory:

Spice Factory
Indeed, Spice Factory has flavorful spice dishes to complement their broad menu. It is another rooftop restaurant with a mouthwatering fusion of North Indian, Chinese, and Continental cuisines. It has a comfortable but energetic vibe, and it is a well known spot for anybody seeking a quick bite to eat with friends or family. The dish price, along with the pleasing getaway, will make for a remarkable experience for everyone.

4. Open Window Cafe Bistro:

Open Window Cafe Bistro

Open Window Cafe Bistro is one of the unique rooftop restaurants in Pune. It is not less than heaven since it has a gate to paradise that allows visitors to experience the whole city. Open ambiance with a variety of global cuisines, which is liked by almost everyone. There are ample options for food, from local to continental, with creatively innovative dishes that are pocket-friendly. This cafe stands out as a must-visit place to experience a delightful rooftop dining experience.

5. The Flying Saucer Sky Bar:

The Flying Saucer Bar
Flying Saucer Sky Bar is the latest iteration of a restaurant bar with a rooftop setting. Its cuisine features fusion dishes with an exciting flair. Another café with a city view, excellent design, a bustling environment, and a reasonable price makes it a must-see and a favourite to return to.

Meanwhile, the city’s panoramic cafes and restaurants place more emphasis on their rooftop dining experiences than on their constructive nature. From its local inhabitants to tourists in the city, these budget-friendly rooftop restaurants in Pune deliver a promising pleasant experience, from meal to relish taste as well as a chance to perish in the beauty of the city viewpoint. The above mentioned spots are all cordially invited to share an unforgettable eating experience in the open space. So, what are you waiting for?

Gather your friends, decide on one venue, and immerse yourself in the experience of dining at heights in a dynamic city like Pune!

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