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(Engineers’ Day Special) – “Being Rich Is a Permanent Glitch”

First of all, a very Happy Engineers’ Day to all the frustrated souls out there. The day started with PM Modi wishing engineers and then we decided to discuss something upon the most frequently asked/faced question by engineers,

``Can Money buy you happiness?``

My friend once said,

“I wish I suddenly found a treasure box with million dollars and then I could live a happy life!”

I paused for a second, looked at her and said,

“Are you sure that this is all you want, to lead a happy life?”

She replied,

“Of course, when there is money, you can have a good house, a flooded bank account, lots of shopping and so much more!!”

I was amazed the way she amalgamated all the materialistic entities of life and gave it a little name called ‘happiness’.


Chatur Silencer (3 Idiots) bragging about his luxuries.

Happiness to some would be, getting a job, owning a house, finding an old friend, having a surprise birthday party or simply anything. Yes, all this does make one feel on top of the world, but fortunately there is more to it. True happiness lies in doing what you like, they say. How many of the Engineers today are learning those 40 subjects because they wanted to since childhood?

I would find hardly one or two hands rising from a huge crowd of frustrated students. Is selling newspaper that little boy’s passion, who no matter what wakes up in the cold mornings so that people have a wonderful morning. Was driving an auto-rickshaw that old man’s hobby, who could have quit his job and sat back home? If you start finding answers to these little problems, you will end up answering all the huge questions life throws at you.

I don’t disagree with the fact that “True happiness lies in doing what you like”, but its incomplete.

“True happiness lies in doing what you like and moreover liking what you do.”

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Mind you, both of these may be different. We keep saying that people have become successful in life because they did what they always wanted to do. So, if you don’t get to do what you always wanted to do, does that mean you won’t be successful? Or does that mean you’ll keep cursing your family for not supporting you to do that?


It is only you who stops yourself from not liking what you do. There was this guy who worked in a small company for the job he loved to do, but kept regretting for having rejected his previous job offer from a multinational company which had a better pay. This regret kept sinking him into a deep ditch of darkness where all he could see was hatred for himself when he compared himself to his friends earning better. This made him build such negative vibes around him that he thought it is impossible for him to come out. But then it was the job that he had chosen because he was passionate about it. As days passed, he turned out to be much happier and satisfied than his friends who earned better. All his friends used to crib about the nature of work, about their boss, and whatever reasons they could find.

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So, why worry when you can actually find happiness from little things in your life! At the end of the day, more than anything, if you are contented and glad about all that you do, that is all that matters. Follow your passion, because that gives your heart peace. Love your work because that’s the way of happiness in life.

“Who wants to be rich?”

A teacher asked. All the hands rose up in no time. One little boy, who did not find it significant to raise his hand, with an amazed look stood up and said,

“Sir, I wish to be happy, not rich because if I’m happy, my life is enriched with love, beauty, blessing and this is wealth.”

How true was that!

So, guys, let that desire be burning to achieve something all throughout your life, than to be rich and end your life. Because if you really want to get rich, even the money in the whole world is less, you need to earn while you are asleep and also when the world is asleep!!

``A Little Bit of Life`` - Hindi Short Film



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