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Game of Thrones S05E02: The House of Black and White | Spoiler-coated Review


“Nothing bores me more than books where you read two pages and you know exactly how it's going to come out. I want twists and turns that surprise me, characters that have a difficult time and that I don't know if they're going to live or die.”

– George RR Martin


The much awaited Season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally here and unfortunately it came much earlier than the airing date of HBO. 4 episodes of season 5 were leaked together all over the world and the fans have gone berserk over it. First episode came with a lot of surprises starting from the altered title track and the flashback scene to the dragons at the very end. Those wise souls who have read the books might have realized by now that the story-line has taken a slightly different course.

Second episode is no different. Read ahead as we give you a brief glimpse of every scene that unfolds in the second episode.

Braavos + Arya + Iron Coin = Valar Morghulis


The show starts with Arya watching the Titan of Bravos on the ship we last saw her in last season. The markets of Bravos, teeming with life, where Arya would now start her new life (atleast according to the books). The house of black and white, a singular building in the middle water, is better than what fans dreamed of. Isolated, majestic, sibylline, scary and intriguing. But it’s not all flowers and petals for Arya. David Benioff and D.B.Weiss did all in their power to make her life miserable on another continent. Assholes. We hear Arya repeating her poetic chants which is ever pleasing to the ear.

Brienne and Podrick’s Travel Diaries


Brienne and Podrick (still alive and together) find themselves in a tavern where they chance upon Sansa Stark. Yeah, just like that. The same way they found Arya. Again, we see the immense power of the producers to shit upon the chapters from the book. Littlefinger, playing games even as he speaks. Another marriage. And this one directly involving him.  I see food, wine, music, gold, blood and schemes. Well pretty much a normal scenario for us fans. But one thing is for certain. The sansa we knew is gone. This new improved version of her is far more appealing and lucrative than the previous one. We see oath-keeper in action. I mean REAL action when it cuts through the steel swords and armour like butter. Podrick charming and dumb as ever.

The Threat From Dorne


Could not have been more appropriate. The Sand snakes sending a Red Viper, clutching in its jaws the life of the little lioness.   Cersei flipping out. Jamie as usual calm and clueless. BUT the producers decide to fuck the fans yet again. In the arse. The entire hope of meeting Blackfish is vanished as soon as Jamie decides to go to Dorne instead of the riverlands.

Butch and Sundance


Aah. The ever cherished Ser Bronn of the Blackwater. You can always depend on the guy to fit humor anywhere in the show. Be it a battle or a whorehouse. Lollys Stokeworth is well Prettier and NOT pregnant and NOT dumb either. Bronn is ingeniously coupled with yet another Lannister. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Ser Jamie and Ser Bronn, just like Butch and Sundance off to Dorne to save the princess.

The Silence Before the Storm


Speaking of the princess, a teen Myrcella(Aimee Richardson) is shown roaming the water gardens along with Prince Trystane Martell(his real name), the younger son of Prince Doran(Alexander Siddig), Oberyn Martell’s  brother.  Areo Hotah is introduced as well in the show played by Deobia Oparei wielding an enormous weapon of sorts. Ellaria Sand is shown  mourning in a dornish way. Raging and in search of vengeance. Actor Alexander Siddig does justice to Prince Doran’s character.

Trouble in Meereen


Meereen is in turmoil. Daenerys finds herself surrounded with “angry subjects” (hizdahr zo loraq points out in the 1st episode). Daario Naharis as dashing and cunning as ever. Ser Barristan consults the young queen. Tales of the Mad king serve as bitter reminder of her father and the Targaryen course of history.

Still Un-tyrioned


Tyrion and Varys are travelling to Meereen via Volantis secluded in a wooden box. Tyrion still nowhere near upto his former self still drowning and complaining. Varys ever wise.

Qyburn - The Rattlesnake


Back in King’s landing, Cersei has intensified the hunt for her brother Tyrion. The character of Qyburn is coming along quite well. His so called “work and experiments” give us all the goosebumps. And now that he has a seat in the Small council and Kevan Lannister in the open protest of the ‘Queen Mother’, God help us all.

Jon Snow No More


At the wall, we see the mention of the greyscale disease. Something to look out for. Also we see something that Jon (AND all the FANS in the world) ever wanted his WHOLE life. The title of bastard taken from him and given the proper name. Jon of the house Stark, Lord of Winterfell, Warden of the North.Stannis maybe be a seasoned battle commander but he has a shrewd mind for politics. With a stroke of a quill he would gain the largest kingdom of Westeros and an Army that helped smashed the Targearyn Dynasty. Also we would see a proud and honorable little direwolf on the towers of winterfell in the title track. Nobody likes the ‘Flayed man’ up there. But what does our beloved Jon snow plan to do? Yes you guessed it right. His motherfucking Duty. Well fret not, there’s an upside to this. And I don’t mean that Jon Stark wouldn’t be the correct name, if you know what I mean. It should go more, like Jon of the house Targaeryn, third of his name, The Prince that was promised. Too much information? Oh well.

998th Lord Commander


Later we see the election for the 998th lord commander of the nights watch. Alliser Thorne and Denys Mallister are shown as the prime contenders. But our fat friend Samwell Tarly decides otherwise. With some dumb luck, the gamble pays off. It seems Words aren’t winds anymore. With blessings of Maester Aemon, Jon Snow finally gets something he deserves.

The House of Black and White


In Braavos, we see that Arya’s water dancing has come a long way. And those eyes, that confidence, that voice my my… we just may be in for a surprise. But the best part was the return of Jaqen H’ghar (Tom Wlaschiha). The way he changes his face (mind = blown). Arya finally enters the house of Black And White leaving us with high hopes.

The Vision of Flames


At Meereen, the resistance grows immensely strong. While  our Dragon Queen is seen delivering justice starting a full blown war between the masters and free men. And again we see another sequence from trailers. The hissing of the free men was something we were not prepared for. Also, we see the ever disciplined and inscrutable unsullied in action. The last scene was something unprecedented. We (at least the fans) never expected to see Drogon anytime soon. Or Any closer. Kudos to the GoT CGI team yet again. My oh my do I fall in love with those dragons every-time I see them.We all hoped he would just burn the pyramids and toast the sons of harpy and everyone live happily ever after, but all your wishful thinking couldn’t save Ned, why do you think this would be any different? Fire and Blood my ass. Its just politics and wile games.

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