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Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3: High Sparrow | Spoiler-coated Review


The much awaited Season 5 of Game of Thrones is finally here and unfortunately it came much earlier than the airing date of HBO. 4 episodes of season 5 were leaked together all over the world and the fans have gone berserk over it. Because of these leaks, HBO viewership has taken a mighty hit which would take a while to recover.

First episode came with a lot of surprises starting from the altered title track and the flashback scene to the dragons at the very end. Those wise souls who have read the books might have realized by now that the story-line has taken a slightly different course. Second episode sheds more light on the meandering story-line as it cuts through some vile games and witty resolutions. Episode 3 shapes up the outline of an amazing build up to a gut-wrenching climax.

Read along as we take you through the important developments in the stories.

Title track.

Is that Moat Cailin we saw? But why? There’s been nothing at Moat Cailin apart from Reek and Ramsay’s, Trojan Horse thingy.

The Tales in Black and White

The episode kicks off with many faces of ‘THE’ god worshipped In the house of Black and White. Arya’s storyline becomes more and more intriguing especially when Jaqen H’ghar speaks about it in the third person. Damn, I wish i could talk like that.

“I prefer to work with grey characters rather than black and white.”

– George RR Martin


The Lioness and the Hyena


In Kings landing, our ‘sweet’ Tommen marries the ‘stunning wh*re’ from the High Garden *kidding*. This is one of the best wedding match we’ve seen on the show. The first night starts as a sweet thing to viewers but then Margaery does her thing. Later we see the result of her manipulation and then to rub it in Cersei’s face like that, didn’t think it through did she? If you think the lioness will swallow such insult and belittlement, you Sir, are gravely mistaken.

The Maggots Eat Away


Up north as much as we hate it we can’t do anything about it. The Bolton’s are ruling Winterfell. Its dreadful and cringe-worthy. But if this wasn’t enough for you to throw up in your mouth, give it a minute. That moment when you see Sansa, just after Roose Bolton speaks to Ramsay of his marriage. You’d wish Ser Illyn chopped her head off as well. Aaah, Moat Cailin. Here we see one of those moments when you “like”  Littlefinger.

“There’s no justice in the World, not unless we make it.”

And the look, that our new improved Sansa gives, seven hells if it doesn’t give me the goosebumps.

Brienne and Podrick's Travel Diaries


Brienne and Podrick share a heart to heart. Not much to it there. The story of how Brienne met Renly Baratheon and later pledged to kill Stannis. She remembers,

When I was a girl, my father held a ball. I’m his only living child, so he wanted to make a good match for me. he invited dozens of young lords to Tarth. I didn’t want to go, but he dragged me to the ballroom. And it was wonderful. None of the boys noticed how mulish and tall I was. They shoved each other and threatened to duel when they thought it was their turn to dance and whispered in my ear how they wanted to marry me and take me back to their castles. My father smiled at me and I smiled at him. I’d never been so happy. ‘Til I saw a few of the boys snickering. And then they all started to laugh, they couldn’t keep the game going any longer. They were toying with me. Brienne the Beauty, they called me, a great joke. And I realized I was the ugliest girl alive. A great lumbering beast.

I tried to run away, but Renly Baratheon took me in his arms. ‘Don’t let them see your tears,’ he told me. ‘They’re nasty little s—-, and nasty little s—- aren’t worth crying over.’ He danced with me and none of the other boys could say a word. Renly was the king’s brother, after all…Yes, Pod, he liked men. I’m not an idiot. He didn’t love me, he didn’t want me. He danced with me because he was kind and he didn’t want to see me hurt. He saved me from being a joke. From that day, until his last day. And I couldn’t save him in return…Nothing’s more hateful than failing to protect the one you love. One day I will avenge King Renly.

Also our goofy little friend Podrick is going to learn sword fighting soon.

Heart-breaking Refusal


At the wall Jon Snow refuses Stannis’ offer of, well, everything he ever wanted. Lord Commander is good enough but still, NO fan in his right mind would’ve wanted Jon to refuse THAT particular offer. Thank god its not upto us. If it were, the show would’ve ended like 3 seasons ago. Davos shares our concern as well.

“As long as the Boltons rule the north, the north will suffer.”

The Lone Wolf


Back in Braavos, we see the LAST of Arya Stark. Relax. I didn’t mean it literally. Sorry about that. Our beloved mentor Jaquen H’ghar gives instruction to our another cherished character,(scratch that I didn’t say that. We don’t love Arya. Please don’t kill her) to shed her identity. The first step in becoming No one. Arya, eager to learn the art of being a faceless man obeys all that shes told. She does everything but she just cannot part with ‘needle’. Unable to set free from her tether, she hides her sword.

Red-headed Beauty


While our little Stark is undertaking her training to become a killer and a faceless man, the elder one is becoming… well something marvelous. And when the old lady says,

“The North Remembers”

I know who I’m voting for in this year’s Emmy. It seems that all the action is happening in the north. Sansa is promised to that sadistic Ramsay. Littlefinger and Roose Bolton reminiscing their gambles and scheming the next ones.

Glimpse of Legacy

Speaking of Starks (with a heavy heart) the 998th Lord Commander reminds us of a certain someone doesn’t he?

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword.”

What is with Starks and those icy looks? Hell even Stannis couldn’t help but appreciate it.


High Sparrow


Aah, in kings landing we see the ‘The Walk of Shame/Atonement’ for the very first time.(Spoiler: oh yes, its going to happen again and the next time it will be far more glorious; In all aspects). The High Septon is another useless character we don’t give two shits about, but his replacement the High Sparrow is someone to watch out for. Fans believe him to be Howland Reed. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? But that’s just a theory, still something to think about. Also we see something that reels in the book readers as well. The Mountain.

Tyrion's Doldrums Continue...


Tyrion is cooped up with Varys on his way to Volantis, A beautiful city by the way. Do remember to check out the tattoos on the faces of slaves. You never know where you’ll see them later. The real surprise lies in the brothel. No I don’t mean the prostitute with a Danaerys Targaryen cosplay; I mean Jorah Mormont. Some wh*res, a LOT of wine and our beloved Imp seems to be back in business.

“Who needs wealth when you can make a woman laugh.” he says.

And that’s just at the top of his head. Jorah kidnapping Tyrion was no shock. We all knew something bad would happen when you don’t listen to Varys.

So that’s it from the Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3. We would be following this up with the review of the 4th episode. Stay tuned!


And somebody please tell the Russians to leak the next episodes! No offence HBO.

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