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Star World Premiere HD To Air Game of Thrones in India | Season 1-5 Marathon Begins on 15th Feb

It is that time of the year! The long nights of winter are gone. The wait is finally coming to an end. Okay enough of the build up, but Game of Thrones Season 6 air date is coming near. As already announced by HBO, Game of Thrones Season 6 will premiere on 24th April 2016, millions of fans from around the world (including me) are setting up to begin the ritualistic ceremony of watching the previous seasons before the new season hits the air.

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Game of Thrones Binge Watch? Or One Episode a Day?

Whether a binge watcher or one episode a day kind, Star World has the news that will makes Indian fans of GoT go crazy. That’s right. not HBO, not NETFLIX but Star World has decided to air a Game of Thrones in India. The marathon will feature all the seasons (1-5) in both standard and High definition. The channel has given the weekday slot of 10pm to the show. Starting from 15th February the Game will begin.

An official spokesperson for Star World said:

“The telecast of ‘Game of Thrones’ on Star World and Star World Premiere HD will not only excite existing fans but also captivate first-time audiences in India. This is just the first in a line of exceptional content we have planned for the year.”

The marathon will end on 22nd April leaving us two days to brace ourself before premiering the season 6 on Star World Premiere HD.

But What About.. *cough nudity cough cough* Stuff?

We don’t want to comment about the tolerance of India, but we can’t deny the question circling our minds after this news. Will the scenes be blurred or will the *beep* and *beep* scenes be cut out from the episode entirely. Being in india for a long time we can bet for the latter. But GoT has the unique characteristic to include the plot twists & the s*x / nude scenes. Oops!

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So if they are gonna throw out the important scenes for the sake of censorship, newbie GoT watchers are gonna have a hard time swimming through the *beeps & blurs and pixels. But there’s always a torrent for the ‘important scenes’. *wink*. Like the last year, the first four episodes of season 5 were leaked online before the air date. Who knows what comes our way this year?

Watch The Teaser Shown on Star World


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