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13 Amazing Snaps That Define MKSSS’s Cummins College of Engineering for Women

Cummins College of Engineering carries the legacy of Maharshi Karve in it’s true spirit, educating Women in Engineering. The first college of Engineering established exclusively for women in India, today, is 25 year old and continues to grow from strength to strength.

So after the blockbuster article of 13 honest things about Cummins College of Engineering, here’s taking you through “The Campus of Cummins”:

The One with the Entrance

This is where it begins, the yellow gate and greenery is sure to add a tinge of happiness and a wave of peace to your minds.


The One with the Main Building

Being the first building built, housing the library and the Comp and ENTC departments, is, hence rightly called “The Main Building”.


The One with Studies

The College, known for its good placements, has students working hard to earn it indeed (Last minute studies being a major part of the hard work :P)


The One with the IT building

Here is the KB Joshi Institute of IT, holding the variety of colors of a future Software Techie’s life.


The One with the Canteen

This is the place to be when you are hungry. From a cup of coffee or tea with pattice or wada pav to a full lunch, everything is equally toothsome. This hangout place is where the cold coffee and conversations never end!

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The One with Friends

The friendship and fun, here at Cummins, never stop. It’s all for one and one for all!


The One with the Greenery

The greenery doesn’t just make the Campus look more appealing, it also makes it more quite and peaceful.
Stressed out? Just take a deep breath!


The One with the Legacy of the College

Maharshi Karve’s Stree Shikshan Samstha inherits the visions and principles set by Maharshi Karve himself, carrying his tradition forward.


The One with the Workshop Jobs

While the other colleges have less number of girls in their mechanical department, the girls at Cummins feel proud of their devotion towards their work and uniqueness.


The One with the Interiors

The corridors here offer a soothing view to your strained eyes.


The One with the Techies

From knurling the screw to driving the car,everything is done by the girls right here, the Baja team. Their dedication, work and sweat add to the immense pride of the College.


The One with the Athlete

Be it volleyball, football, cricket or anything else, when it comes to play the Cummins girls know no limits and bounds!


The One with the Parties

Last but not least, we know just how to add sugar and spice to our lives, because girls just wanna have fun!


All said and done, Cummins College of Engineering is an institute that not only educates in Engineering but also teaches its students to strike balance in work and fun.

Special thanks to our super awesome Campus Times Pune Team in Cummins College of Engineering who proactively helped us in every way possible to get this article published.

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Campus Times Ambassador (CTA)

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