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The Unscripted: A Group of Talented Girls from Cummins College Pune is Geared Up to tell One Authentic Story at a Time!

In the bustling world of social media, where every niche finds its platform, a team embarked on a unique journey to create a space dedicated to unfiltered, genuine and day to day experiences of college life. The Unscripted, born from the shared desire of its team to provide a platform for authentic expression, has grown into a thriving community where students across campuses can connect and relate through shared experiences.

The Unscripted, formed on 25th January 2023 is a team of 44 dedicated individuals who, on a daily basis, create content in the form of reels and information related to college lives, podcasts catered towards internships and placements, interviews with recruiters and people from the industry, etc. They aim to provide one singular platform for students from any corner of the country alike, working towards making life relatable and fun, as well as bringing the industry to students, creating a connection between them both!

In an exclusive interview with the founder of Unscripted, Rudrika, we dive into the origins of the platform, its challenges, successes, and how from the day it was created, to its aspirations for the future, Unscripted stands as a testament to the power of student-driven initiatives in shaping the digital world.

1. What brought about the idea of Unscripted?

Looking back, it’s quite amusing. As a freshie at Cummins College, barely a month in, I found myself overwhelmed with clubs, exams, internships, placements, and the challenge of making friends while balancing it all. One day, while lying in bed, it struck me that this struggle wasn’t unique to me; it was universal. Being passionate about social media, I couldn’t help but notice Cummins’s lackluster online presence. That’s when I realized the opportunity before me! Despite enjoying creating content for others in the past, I saw a chance to do something for myself and others in similar situations. From that moment onward, I dedicated myself to bringing unscripted content to life on social media, no matter the obstacles.


2. What, to you, is Unscripted’s target audience? What steps do you take to reach them?

Initially, our target audience was university students, specifically those pursuing engineering degrees. We started by tailoring our content to our own college community. However, we quickly recognized the limitations of this approach. To reach a broader audience, we expanded our focus to create content that appeals to all college students.

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One of our flagship projects involves producing podcasts featuring industrial experts as guests. We also feature seasoned college seniors, and soon, our teachers will share their extensive knowledge and experience in the field. Our goal is to offer valuable insights and inspiration to students as they navigate their academic and professional paths.

3. What is your long-term vision for Unscripted, and what steps are you taking to achieve it?

I aspire for Unscripted to have a global presence, reaching everyone who can find value in our content. We’re committed to delivering high-quality material that leaves a lasting impact. My vision is for Unscripted to be embraced by all who connect with its message.

We’ve been working tirelessly, burning the midnight oil, analyzing, promoting, and creating content to bring this vision to fruition. Our dream is on the verge of becoming a reality, and we’re pouring our hearts and souls into making it happen!

4. What platforms and channels do you prioritize for content distribution, and why?

Unscripted can be found on Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, with each platform tailored to suit its unique audience.

On Instagram, we captivate our audience with engaging promotional videos, relatable short reels, and entertaining posts to keep followers engaged and interested.

YouTube serves as a diverse hub of content, offering educational videos, entertaining segments, and our popular podcasts. It’s a one-stop destination for both learning and enjoyment.

On LinkedIn, our focus shifts to informative content, including podcast summaries, profiles of esteemed guests, and insights into current market trends. It’s all about staying informed and connected within the professional sphere.

5. It’s been a year since Unscripted came to be, how have you kept the content engaging and interesting to date ?

The cornerstone of maintaining our page’s interactivity and engagement, even after a year, lies in our agility and adaptability. We remain flexible, ready to pivot our workflow for last-minute improvisations as needed. While staying updated on current trends is vital, our primary focus is on creating content that deeply resonates with our audience.

The credit for the exceptional quality and creativity of our content, as well as the strategic thinking driving it, belongs entirely to our dedicated team. Continuously brainstorming brilliant ideas and crafting relatable content, they are the force behind keeping our followers eagerly returning for more!

6. What’s your best experience with the team of Unscripted since its creation?

Selecting just one standout experience is challenging because every moment at Unscripted has been remarkable. However, if I had to single out one, it would be from November when we welcomed a new team of 44 members. During our team meeting, everyone introduced themselves, fostering bonds and camaraderie. Then, something truly magical unfolded.

Teams formed circles, heads leaned in, laughter echoed, and discussions flowed effortlessly. Watching from the sidelines, my heart swelled with affection, and tears of joy filled my eyes. In that poignant moment, I realized that this was the Unscripted I had envisioned—the culmination of our collective dream and the result of our tireless efforts.


7. Can you elaborate on the bond the entire team shares with one another?

I believe this interview will never truly capture the essence of my team’s bond – it’s something truly unique. There’s a harmony within our team, a perfect balance that extends beyond just work. Despite keeping our page active, we never forget to inject fun into everything we do, whether it’s making content or just hanging out.

Regardless of seniority, everyone in our team is equally involved in everything we do. We’ve got tons of behind-the-scenes videos that showcase the bond we share. These moments, whether on set or off, are cherished by all of us.

The Unscripted

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us today. Your journey has been incredibly valuable and insightful. We’ve covered a lot of ground, from discussing the origins of Unscripted to your vision for its future.

Is there anything else you’d like to add before we wrap up?

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Thank you for having me. I’d just like to express my gratitude for the opportunity to share my journey with Unscripted. It’s been a pleasure discussing our origins and vision for the future. I just want to express my gratitude to Unscripted, our amazing team, and our dedicated audience. It’s their support that has shaped us into who we are today. Unscripted was destined to happen, and our team made it a reality!

In essence, Unscripted is a testament to authenticity, creativity, and community. From its creation to its future ambitions, the platform aims to amplify every voice and foster meaningful connections. With a committed team pushing its mission forward, Unscripted continues to inspire, inform, and create fun and relatable content that can resonate with many.

As we conclude this interview, it’s clear that Unscripted is ready to leave a lasting impact in the very bustling world of college life, showing stories that are told sincerely, and every moment is unscripted!

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