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This Footpath School is definitely better than any other Wealth Scooping International School in India

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For us to witness any lasting change in the country, society, has to obviously undergo transition with respect to paradigms and perception. All of us are subject to a little motivation, and inspiration hasn’t always worked just the way we would have possibly perceived it. Initiators, though believe in “Done is better than perfect” and rightly so, begin to transcend what they intend to. One such story here is of the light, Kamaal Bhai Parmar from Ahmedabad, has brought to the supposedly less fortunate. Identifying the need of infant India, profoundly being basic education, he has begun street tutoring for the unprivileged. Aiming for the profiency of professional degree holders for his students’ future, he slays with compassion stating,

Aaapko jab apka beta ya beti engineer banne pe khushi hoti hai…. Usse kahin zyada mujhe hogi, kyuki mere paas toh itne bacche hai jo desh ka future hai…

With as much as 115 students to teach, as of today, Kamaal bhai, along with his welding profession, runs his school which includes not only the fundamentals of wisdom, but also helps them with financial issues. It can pretty much be anticipated, the feeling, when students return to him to say that he or she is pursuing an engineering degree.

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The will to continue doing this noble deed, from Mr. Parmar, has undoubtedly left hundreds impressed. Then again, the question isn’t if he would be supported enough to bring about that spark of the change we all need as a society, but it is how many would actually dare to venture out and get something like this done for the advent of a revolutionised India. The Footpath School, hopefully sends out tremors around our society for all of us to roll up our sleeves to contribute our verse to the poem of life.

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