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An Eco-Friendly PCCOEans Idea to a Greener World by Saving Paper

Before starting with this post, let me make one thing clear. Many of you won’t like this post because it is not entertaining or fun filled or a taunt to the government or PCCOE, but this post is about environment. Yes! the subject which we studied in schools and colleges and later didn’t give a F*%k about! (Oh! the ‘F’ word for the first time on campus times) But I guess, you all get my point. So let’s start with the post now:

One a fine day in our Campus, this is what really caught my eye.


Hours and hours, (Eh!… Wait a min! Actually I must say years and years) of hard work and sweat shedding went into “Raddi”(Scrap). But what sent my blood pressure a bit was not the fact, that the (donkey) work of writing the assignments day and night was of no use or college making money by selling it to the recycle vendors (hopefully). But the fact that almost all of these files have a huge amount of blank pages! That’s right! We take print outs mostly just on one side and waste the other side of an A4 size paper. We Engineers, as it is take lives of so many trees during this course of 4 years.

How about lessening this burden on Mother Earth by implementing this simple idea which I am about to propose:

A4 Paper Rough Book


Bind these papers together using a bigger Stapler as shown in figure or even fevicol with a paper strip would do and you get this. Ideal For Rough work.

Waise bhi keda fair kitta si tusi college wich!”

(Super Saver for those who are carrying one book for the entire course of their semesters! Bind once, Use forever.) I suggest using the same one throughout four years. 😀 You’ll at least have something to engrave as a vintage souvenir of your Engineering in your house.

A5 Paper Multipurpose Books

Note Book to take quick notes, ideas

Cut the sheets into half and staple those.

Things that could be made out of blank papers: Conference Pads, Planning Sheets, Rough Sheets, Revision Sheets, Flash Sheets, For Idea Capturing the use of this size goes on and on.

After all, it depends on you how to use them once you make them. Above mentioned are just the ones which I could think of!  Its true that by the end of our course, we do need them to jot down some project ideas, minutes of meeting for say Techlligent or Gathering, etc.

A6/A7 To-Do’s Notebooks

To Do Notes

Folding repeatedly,
We get:
1/4th of the A5 sheet,
1/8th of the A4 sheet.
Just 2 staples extra needed! They are so handy as they can be used in any case & any situations where you need to take quick notes or give a written advice to someone.

A tiny book perfect for to-do lists, If NavNeet sells one for Rs.5, one file would give you value worth greater than Rs. 100! Think about It!!! I’m not asking you to go sell it. But even if we calculate the total amount we spend on Xerox and printouts throughout our four years of engineering, it would be enough money to feed a poor family for a month.

“Thoda punya bhi kama loge! Kamino!!”


America constitutes less than 10% of world’s population but accounts for 25% of the world’s waste produced! Read a detailed post on America’s Paper Wastage here! India On the other hand constituting of around 20% of world’s population constitutes only 8% of the world’s waste! Lend a helping hand in extending this tradition!

An appeal to the PCCOE’s NSS cell to give a thought to this idea and An appeal to PCCOE’s Business Cell to make these above products and make a profit out of it! (Sell it more to teachers they would at least buy the idea)

Please feel free to connect us, if you have any ideas to make Campus Times Pune better!!


  1. I actually started using these papers as rough pages from this year. I have enough pages that could last a whole year! It’s as if you stole my idea! 🙂
    Atleast the people would think about this now that you have written about this. Great work!

    • Its good that you are using it Darshit. More people need to be aware of their social responsibilities. If you have similar ideas (that we haven’t stolen yet… :D) please let us know so that we can reach out to people! And yeah, you’ll see your name in the writer’s place below your post… Waiting…!!

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