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7 Types of Guys That You Will Find In Every Engineering College

With the board results done and dusted with, the search for an undergraduate institute has begun. Prominently, leading the race as usual are Engineering Colleges. A very best of luck to all the aspiring engineering entrants.
But before you start packing up and get set to leave for your new ‘karmabhoomi’ here’s a little heads-up to the kind of guys you might (and will) come across in your campus.

The Unbearable Geek

The one picture that comes in your mind is of our all-time favourite ‘Chatur Ramalingam a.k.a. Silencer’. The first on the list is the one who is the first in almost everything. This is the guy with knowledge of 75% of the syllabus by heart and that too, by the time you have settled your luggage on the first day of college. Lol!

[gfycat data_id=”WaryInfatuatedBobcat” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_expand=true]

He is easy to identify. The guy sitting alone on the first bench and being an undesirable ‘know-it-all’. The one whose recreational activities include library and laboratory visits. The one whose idea of adventure and fun is returning an issued book a day after the deadline. He is the one who inaugurates the mess food every night and sleeps by 11:30 pm sharp. By the time, every other guy is done with their nightly quota of Fifa, CoC and CS, he gets up at an astonishing 5:30 in the morning & is ready by 6 am for the class scheduled at 10:30.

Salute to every geek guy out there. You guys maintain the balance of the universe. 😛

The Bearable Geek

Now here comes a guy who chose engineering out of his own accord. He is like any other guy on campus. Comes late to class at least 3 days/week. He knows the answer to the question put up by the professors but refrains from showing it off. He chills in the canteen like every other ‘normal’ guy. Always up for an outing, be it movies or roaming around. He is a bad-ass Fifa player on top of that and does decimate his opponents at times. He knows his intellectual shit, so easily balances his academics with his curricular.

[gfycat data_id=”GroundedAcclaimedCentipede” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_expand=true]

He might even turn out to be the guy with a regular supply of ‘stuff’ on demand at times (I like the way you think). A huge shout out to all the cool geeks out there for not being insufferable morons.

The Forced Engineer

This is my and supposedly, the favourite category of many engineers. The zindagi bhar ‘sharma-ji ke bête jaisa bann’ sunne wala guy. The guy who was forced into this well of death because he said he doesn’t like engineering. His first mistake. Dude how can you even dare to choose! It’s like all your life you’re family has known only few major languages and Engineering is one of them. You don’t have a choice.

In first year, he is depressed so he scores less. Second year he has revolutionary ideas to better his life so he scores less. His third year he is depressed because his revolutionary ideas fail so he scores less. His final year… Well by now you know, how the cycle goes about. The most ridiculous thing about this guy will be that he’ll find career options in 4 different fields/semester.

[gfycat data_id=”DifficultIllegalIlsamochadegu” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_expand=true]

Either way, this guy eventually ends up in a non-technical field. Legends even say, he finds the job of his dreams. Way to go Engineers!

The ‘supposedly’ Hot Guy

This category is a tough but quite prevalent one in the campus. Here you are chilling with your friends cracking an antic or two when a guy passes by with girls giggling and following him constantly maintaining a distance by the laws of golden-ratio. They wouldn’t give you a second’s glance. This guy becomes the top of the Semester-rumors chartlist.

[gfycat data_id=”ValuableDescriptiveHarrier” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_expand=true]

Girls would be heard saying stuff like, “I hear he lives alone” or “I’ve even heard that he has inherited a huge fortune from his family lineage” or the most ridiculous one claiming “nobody knows anything about him, he is a complete mystery”. Now, come on people what is he, Stefan Salvatore? Duh! No cheers. No shoutouts. No salutes. We don’t like you dude. Just no.

The Red from Shawshank

This is one of the best categories of guys one ever meets in college. He is a guy with utmost resourcefulness. Everyone understands that he is a guy that knows how to get things. And when you ask him if he can, he’ll be like “Yeah, I’m known to locate certain things from time to time”.


He can get you anything, from notes of a certain subject to late night smokes from booze on a dry day to ‘greenery’ at an odd hour. All it requires is a price. He quotes it. You pay it. Nobody knows how he manages all the stuff but everybody knows that he does it anyhow. Cheers to every Ellis Redding out there.

The 200 GB guy

He is one of the most sought after guy in the campus. He holds the key to Ali Baba’s cave of priceless treasure. A treasure present in almost every computer with folder names ranging from Games to even Bhakti songs. In rare (and in such situations, worshipped) cases, the guy preserves his collection in a ‘black box’ called external hard disk with 5 times the normal storage capacity.

[gfycat data_id=”ThornyBigheartedBonobo” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_expand=true]

His room is a shrine to those who have trouble sleeping or those who are going through a period of stress or the ones who have recently had a break up, to say the least :P. He came he saw and he came again .
A huge thanks to all the distributors out there for making the lives of the already single engineers a tad less miserable.

The Dilli se hoon B******* Guy

Well yeah, this is one of the most dynamic categories one has ever come across. This is also one of the most diverse yet geographically constant group. The Dilli se hoon ‘banchod das’ gang. What? Seems you didn’t like banchod das. Well trust me I didn’t either but its Delhi I’m talking about and I don’t wanna offend any delhite coz you see I ain’t gotta a degree to show them yet :P.

[gfycat data_id=”ComfortableYawningCanadagoose” data_autoplay=true data_controls=false data_expand=true]

Being chased by cops? ‘Darr mat bro, tera bhai dilli se hai b****’.  Challenged a friend in any field? ‘Aise kaise hara dega? Dilli se hoon b****’. Worried your friend might be in danger? ‘Tu chinta naa kar bro. Tera bhai dilli se hai b****’. This is one guy everyone should be befriending. He keeps the tempo of the group high. He can chill you out in almost any and every situation. After all, its dil waalon ki dilli. A humongous hug to every Delhi guy ever.

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