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9 Types of People In Every Office Who Will Make You Love Your Boring 9 to 5 Job

It’s been exactly one year today that i have joined the “corporate” world. I am now successfully employed in a Multinational company, salaried(around or below average IT employee) and happy. Yes, Happy. That’s the word people get stuck on. The next thing they ask is my package (groans inwardly) but that doesn’t convince them. They ask yet again, and you’re still happy ? With a twisted expression on their face that varies from confusion to utter stupidity.

Me, I just ‘smile and wave’

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Right from the highway to my office, my day begins with a smile. It’s the rush hour but somehow I like the familiarity. The ones wearing helmets are the ones to look out for. As very few people use helmet unless made to do so. I can recognize my fellow colleagues and peers that way. The backpacks we all share are so ugly and adorable that they almost always make me smile. I can pick out the people going to different companies and feel somewhat proud to have found one belonging to my own. And then it turns into a parade, different people going to different companies all converging on the same road.


Just when you think you have seen it all, enter the buses. In a similar fashion different buses from various companies come into sight and the feeling of belonging-ness just gets bigger. Then everyone diverges on a big-ass intersection and make their own ways (to each his own).

The crowd keeps growing and you know they’re all going the same place. The security guards change shift. But after one year, I know each and everyone of them by faces if not names. And they know me. They smile, check my bag (more like open the zip and close it without even bothering to peek in), wish me good morning and my day has gotten even more beautiful. Hundreds of people are pouring in. Buses are unloading, parking spaces are filling up and the day is beginning. 🙂

You then meet some of the friends in the lobby, elevators, some smoking, some at breakfast bar, some on the phones,some sleeping at their desks and so on. And then as I approach my desk, my face splits into two, with an even bigger smile.


Because then comes the TEAM. My team. I say that with such pride sometimes I wonder when was the last time I felt so proud of anything. But nevertheless, I say that without wasting a breath. My team consists of a bunch of people that could not have been found even if I tried. It’s like, it is tailor made for me.

1. The Lead

Hands down, the most kickass team lead I have ever met in my life. Agreed I haven’t met many but I do hear about my other friends complain and bitch about theirs. Its like he was born for that role. He’s got immense experience  in… well everything. He’s a role model the entire team looks up to. He cares for us, would take a bullet for us and also kick our ass if we screw up.

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2. The Right Hand

Tutored under the lead, he is the successor to the throne. He’s quick to laugh and perverted. But he is brilliant. Has the next best qualities to make a leader. Specializes in a technology so much that everyone, and i mean EVERYONE relies on him for that part of the work.

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3. The Experienced One

Then there is the guy who could be a zen master with long white whiskers. The one who has worked so much and has the knowledge of the entire team combined. He seems just bored and is passing time just for the sake of it. But instead he is the one in the shadows, working his magic; doing his thing.

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4. The 'Go get shit done' Guy

This guy is the one who you can blindly lean on to get any tasks done!

You give him the task and baaammm!! Its done! No questions asked. This guy is analogous to ‘The Wolf’ character in the movie pulp fiction. 😉

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5. The Artist

Oh how could a team be complete without an artist? This guy is a kickass poet, and I don’t mean that rap and hip-hop, he’s a pure Hindi rhyming badass. The words he speaks leaves us spellbound and so does his work. He gets inspired while on a call with client and puts him on hold just to pen down his thoughts.

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6. The Quiet One

He’s the one who doesn’t speak much, keeps to himself but is very good at his job. He smiles when he is  supposed to and talks when spoken to. But its the rare days we look forward to when he goes nuts and we cant help but wonder, that’s the storm hiding behind the calm.

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7. The Dude From Out-of-town

Well dressed, nice shoes, classy watch and what not. Probably one of the nicest guy in the team, but still a part of it. If nothing we love him for he’s the one you can get away with after saying anything. Hindi is alien to him and English he speaks of his own. We just keep abusing and making fun of him, for he’s an endless source of entertainment. But even then he is as loved and respected as any other.

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8. The Life of the Party

This is the guy whose laughter echoes through the cubicles and and he’s loud and passionate. Be it a tragedy or a celebration, he’s the one people look at. He’s a mediator, a trusted confidante, a problem solver and a party animal all stuffed into one.

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9. The Fresher

And there’s this guy, who’s just joined the team, the one who always gets yelled at but also gets taken care of. He is lazy and wears ugly tshirts and is not someone you would call responsible. He is still clinging to his college life but slowly evolving into a corporate zombie. He’s the center of attention, be it for his screw ups or his talents.

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Usually my day consists of 4-5 smoke breaks, 3-4 tea/coffee breaks and one really long lunch hour. Work is uncertain. Some days I leave early, others I stay till midnight. But I love doing what I do. And I love going to-and-from work, I love spending time in office. Hanging out with my teammates, new friends I made from all around the country, the clients that I work for from around the globe.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, the parties, the birthday celebration, the festivals, charity functions, corporate events are all just wonderful.
So after a long and tiring day at office, when someone asks me how was work, I do have enough energy to flash a 32 Megawatt smile and say AWESOME.

So, can you relate to this narration with your personal work-life? Is your work-life AWESOME? If yes then do share this post and let your feelings known!

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  1. You missed something , the newbie of your team….just because you guys got one late doesn’t mean they do not exist… but they truly are the way your newbie is :p the munchy also :p

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