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Ranbhoomi’2020 : IIM Indore Is Back With The Central India’s Largest Collegiate Esports Fest | 4th-6th December

There’s a weird virus threatening us all to sit at home and attend classes all day, leading to our backs aching like we’re grandparents already. Gone are the days when we went wild with a ball between us, be it in the form of cricket, tennis, volleyball or football. Gone are the mind-wracking minutes of those chess and carrom board games. Gone are the days…. Ah! Who asked for this ...

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Metanoia 2020 : All Things That Happened In Managerial Event Of SIMS !

Nothing fits the idea of transformational leaders better than the concept of Metanoia. With the world locked in and the phones plugged in, we took the opportunity to create something beautiful out of the abundance of time and space. Metanoia 2020 Presented by HCCBPL wasn’t just a regular managerial festival, it was a reason for MBA students all across the country to get out of their online class mode, and ...

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Communiqué’20 : Annual Media Conclave Of XIMB!

ILLUMINATIX, the Media and PR Cell of XIMB hosted its Annual Media Conclave Communiqué on 22nd November 2020 with the theme “BRAND STORYTELLING: FABLES WITH THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD.”   FIRST SPEAKER: Mr. Nilesh Mahajan – the Vice President of Reliance Jio. He enlightened the students about the story of Reliance Jio as a brand, beginning from the inception of its very idea to the consumer insights that ...

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All The Reasons To Be There At Communiqué 2020 | 22nd Nov, 2020

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, has become synonymous with excellence in management education over the years, and 2020 has been the year of new avenues. With the ongoing crisis, a plethora of new opportunities has opened up. This latest saga of unlearning the old has also lengthened the learning curve. What remains is the past, and it is the stories of the past that have lent a hand in these ...

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