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All The Reasons To Be There At Communiqué 2020 | 22nd Nov, 2020

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar, has become synonymous with excellence in management education over the years, and 2020 has been the year of new avenues. With the ongoing crisis, a plethora of new opportunities has opened up. This latest saga of unlearning the old has also lengthened the learning curve. What remains is the past, and it is the stories of the past that have lent a hand in these challenging times.

“Communiqué”, the annual media conclave of Illuminatix- the Media and PR Cell of XIMB, began in 2014 to provide a platform to keep pace with the ever-changing themes in media. It is a platform for interaction between aspiring managers at XIMB and Industry stalwarts, an avenue to soak up insights from these industry giants.


Here’s what waiting for at Communiqué 2020



We remember Coca-Cola for ‘sharing happiness’ and Cadbury for ‘Aj Kuch meetha ho Jaye.’ The brands closest to us are the ones that have struck a chord in our hearts through the stories they have woven. The narratives that these brands have created have stayed with us through the years.

To give us a glimpse into what goes behind forming these tales that brands have positioned themselves as Communiqué 2020 comes to you with the theme ‘Brand Storytelling.’



Communiqué is giving you a chance to witness the genius behind some of the most outstanding campaigns through the eyes of eminent speakers, some of the biggest names in the industry. You will not only get a chance just to know their side of the story but also insights into the thinking that goes behind making a brand’s campaign viral that echoes in the mind of the audience long after they have encountered it. The speakers for Communiqué 2020 include Mr. Nilesh Mahajan, Vice President, Reliance Jio, Mr. Prashant Aneja, Senior Brand Manager, Flipkart, Mr. ShahBaaz Mohammed, Senior Brand Manager, Zydus Wellness Ltd. And Mr. Bodh Deb, Vice President & Branch Head, AutumnGREY


Over the years, the themes for Communiqué have ranged from ‘Digital media’ in 2014 to ‘Changing paradigms of Media Landscape in the Digital Age’ in 2018 and ‘Evolution of Media: The Nexus of Brand Transformation’ in 2019. The event has hosted speakers like Mr. Vishnu Som, Editor, and Principal anchor, NDTV, Mr. Yuvraj Mehta, Head, Corporate Brand Management and Communications, L&T Group, and Ankit Dosh, Creator InsideIIM.com & Kampus Konversations App, among many others.  With their experience and knowledge, these Industry leaders act as beacons in leading the way for today’s aspiring managers.



With the most prominent leaders from across industries and students filled with enthusiasm and yearning to learn, XIMB hosts the biggest Media conclave In East India – Communiqué. This is the annual amalgamation of the most renowned names in Media and Business, a crossover to look forward to.

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