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Top Co-working Cafes in Pune for Students to Study or Work From

As the semester comes to and end and the exams approach, students often find themselves grappling with a lot of workload and in search of the perfect study environment. While libraries and homes can work for some, some might want to indulge in a unique atmosphere and study with a cup of coffee by their side. Co-working cafes provide a conducive atmosphere that can enhance productivity and focus while enjoying a snack. Pune, known for its colleges, offers many co-working spaces that cater to students. Here are a few that might boost your efficiency and help you get through the exam season:

Here are some Co-working Cafes in Pune for students -

Mauji - The Time Cafe

Mauji Cafe in Bhosale Nagar has a cozy and vibrant environment, making it an ideal co-working spot. It has multiple types of seating options and different spaces for you to choose from. They offer free Wi-Fi, and great deals on food and beverages and is a great place for students to study or work.

Brewbox Blend Cafe + Cowork

Brewbox Blend Cafe + Cowork
Blend on Prabhat Road offers a sophisticated and quiet atmosphere, perfect for students seeking a productive study space. With its aesthetically pleasing interiors, free Wi-Fi, and occasional deals on their extensive coffee menu, Blend is a popular choice for those looking for a quiet co-working environment.

Coffee Nation

Coffee Nation
Coffee Nation on Law College Road is one of the most popular cafes with a wide range of delicious coffee options, food and desserts. With ample seating, and high-speed internet, it’s a popular spot for both solo study sessions and group collaborations.


Starbucks, a global favorite, provides a consistent and comfortable environment for students. With free Wi-Fi, a variety of seating options, and great offers, discounts and rewards for members, Starbucks is a reliable choice for students looking to combine quality coffee with a conducive study environment.

Cafe Peter

Cafe Peter
Cafe Peter stands out with its laid-back ambiance, making it a great co-working space for students. The menu offers a variety of snacks and beverages, and the cozy seating arrangements create an environment conducive to both focused study sessions and casual discussions. Cafe Peter offers student discounts and is one of the favorites among students.

Cafe Kathaa

Known for its artistic and colorful decor, Cafe Kaatha offers a unique co-working experience. With student-friendly deals on food and drinks, and reasonable prices it’s a popular choice for students who are living on a budget or looking for pocket-friendly cafes!

The French Window Patisserie

The French Window’s elegant ambiance and open seating, it is a favored co-working spot. With its quiet environment, and a menu featuring yummy French-inspired treats, it’s an excellent choice for students seeking a sophisticated yet comfortable place to study.

Chirp - Eat. Play. Work.

Chirp – Eat. Play. Work is a great place to finish last minute assignments or study for exams. With outdoor and indoor seating, Free Wi-fi, breakfast options and vegan options on the menu, Chirp is an ideal space for both individual and group study sessions.


Book-a-vibe on FC Road is not just a cafe but a haven for book lovers and students alike. With its unique library-like ambiance, Wi-Fi, and occasional book-related events, it offers a stimulating co-working environment.

Brooster Coffeespot

Brooster Coffeespot
Brooster is a trendy and modern co-working cafe that caters to the student crowd. With its contemporary decor, high-speed internet, and a menu featuring a variety of snacks and beverages, Brooster provides a great setting for students to focus on their studies while enjoying good food and coffee.

Which Co-working cafè is your favorite?

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