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13 Amazing Places to Hangout In Pune Camp | Restaurants, Cafe, Food Joints, Bars

Food has always been that one thing that has connected people. And Pune has its fair share of eateries that one must try! Pune camp has always been the original cool place to hangout and party. Over the years, many of the places here have built a reputation for themselves. They have become a part of the culture, if I may say so! Each place will have something special to offer and most of them don’t even have multiple branches despite being immensely popular.

Let the gastronomic journey through Pune Camp begin!

Bon appétit!

Garden Vada Pav

Vada pav. Need we say more?

Serving the best vada pavs in the Pune city, this place has been around since 1972. The taste has remained the same over the years but the love showered on them by the people of this city and elsewhere only increases!


Dorabjee & Sons

A place that is Rocky and Mayur approved and also by generations of Puneites.

A pocket friendly stop for all your Parsi food cravings and one of very few authentic Parsi restaurants, this place is a true legend. They have a wide range of succulent meat dishes you must try if you’re a non-vegetarian. They also have Sunday specials which will spoil you for choice.


Kayani Bakery

The saying ‘The early bird gets the worm’ holds true in case of this bakery, because if you don’t run (it doesn’t matter if you’re still in your pajamas) you will miss all the worms!…I mean all the good stuff.

And boy don’t they have goooood stuff! The legendary Shrewsbury biscuits were born here and your existence has no meaning if you haven’t tried them. If any one asks you about the best cake in Pune, you know what the answer is!

Other must trys include mawa cakes, cheese papdi, khari, chocolate cake; the list can go on!


George Restaurant

People of Pune of have been dining here for years and they all will gladly vouch for the amazing preparations this place has to offer.

Known for generous portion sizes and decent prices, this Mughlai serving restaurant has won Pune’s heart.


Pune Zarthosti Seva Mandal

This place can easily be missed by the untrained eye, it’s so small.

But is a savior for those mid-shopping hunger cravings. Rolls, puffs, cutlets, burgers, muffins and so much more at throw-away prices with the added benefit of being ridiculously delicious.

A must try accompaniment is the chilled orange tangy cooler.


11 East Street Café

Known for its ambiance, 11 East Street Café stays true to its name.

They serve a wide array of delicious dishes tailored to appeal to different palates.

A chill place for a amazing meal, good music and great memories.



Another place to grab some pocket-friendly quick bite in between shopping!

On the first floor of an old quaint looking building, you can sit and people-watch (if you’re lucky enough to get secure a balcony seat) while munching on chutney sandwiches or the other array of dishes they have on offer.

marz o rin places to hanout out pune camp

Pasteur Ice Cream Parlour

The ultimate stop for all your chaat cravings, Pasteur is  situated in the same quaint old structure as that of Marz-O-Rin. Chaat isn’t the only thing they serve; they have everythingfrom pasta to chole bhature.

The softies are a must try too!


Café Yezdan

A breakfast hangout, this Iranian café is best known  for its bun-maska and egg preparations.

The ambiance  takes you back in time, to a simpler and slower Pune, stories of which we heard only from grandparents.

Bagicha Corner

One of the best places to have fruits with fresh cream in the city, Bagicha Corner has been helping Puneites beat the heat.

The place can get crowded really soon, which speaks volumes of the goodwill they enjoy. So it sure is worth the wait!



A round of drinks, delicious grub and classic rock music, Toons is a place you will always make memories. The first choice of college going kids who have just turned 18 *wink*.

And the best part is when the entire pub hums in unison to those classic rock tunes!

cafe toons places to hangout pune camp

1000 Oaks

Another oldie of Pune, 1000 Oaks hasn’t lost its charm.

The atmosphere here is lively and the food amazing. Don’t forget to try out the most sought after Barman’s pitcher.

1000 oaks pune camp places to hangout

The Place - Touché the Sizzler

The Place has been serving some of the best sizzlers in the city since 1971!

The ambiance is classy and the food extremely good. Head here if you have hardcore meat cravings, you won’t be disappointed.

the place touché the sizzler pune camp places to hangout

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