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Brace Yourself! The Official Trailer of ‘Partyfects’ is Here & It Looks Spooky!

As the name suggests our short film ventures into the realm of parties and their after-effects which includes booze and ear splitting music, that’s what partying stands for today’s reckless youth.


Thanks to our very provident censor board now everybody knows that alcohol is injurious to health but still most of us are foolhardy enough to deride this view as being unnecessary gyan.

As for most of us partying is of greater import than health. Well, don’t sweat… this is not another short film giving you MORAL GYAN about the deleterious effects of alcohol. We know society hasn’t left any stone unturned to keep you abreast on this issue. Our short film wishes to tell u that u should enjoy party to the fullest but don’t try to act very prudent and take unnecessary responsibilities otherwise you can be exposed to the insidious effects of this firewater.

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Work hard, party harder, but also be sensible enough about the things you do after party. Because we enter a party being sober, but we’re not sure what will be the aftermath.

  • Cast

    Prathmesh Gunavat
    Punit Parihar
    Rohit Kulkarni
    Amitabh Kumar
    Pradeep Gupta

  • Editing

    Shalabh Bade
    Hunny Sharma

  • Action Directors

    Rishikesh Agale
    Deep Gawande

  • Poster Designs

    Anikait Chavan

  • Producers

    Campus Times Pune

  • Screenplay

    Hunny Sharma
    Vinod Mehta

  • Asst. Directors

    Hunny Sharma
    Vinod Mehta
    Amitabh Kumar

  • Cinematography

    Ankur Tangde
    Tanmay Lahane

So experience this visual spectacle of beguiling and harmful effects of partying. “PARTYFECTS” will be there soon, the story of a guy who loves to party and after one such ostensibly happening party nothing remains the same.

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