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This Hilarious Spoof of TVF Pitchers Called “PHATICHERS” Will Tickle Your Funny Bone


“Phatichers” is the first spoof and also the first comedy video produced by JABS Entertainment – A group of film makers in Pune. They are hoping this video to be their big break on YouTube, so they can call themselves as YouTubers. They believe that this video was their toughest project ever since they had to spend nights in trying to perfect it and bring it out as soon as possible.

To start off, Abhilash, the ‘A’ in JABS, was pretty determined to make a spoof but couldn’t find a subject. That’s when Bhushan, the ‘B’ thought of spoofing their favourite web series TVF Pitchers as a tribute. Later on, they decided to add spoofs of other shows into the script. It took them around a month to finalize the script.

The spoof was directed by Shyam (the ‘S’), and to be honest, I laughed till I peed a little. The movie is very fun to watch and also check out the acting of their ‘J’, Jithin. He was outstanding out of all of them. I hope they come out with more of such fun videos.

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