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Dive into PICTOFEST’s Artistic Extravaganza at PICT Pune | 23rd-24th Feb 2024

Prepare to be part of an unforgettable celebration of artistry and innovation at our grand inter-collegiate art festival, within PICTOFEST 2024 proudly hosted by Pictoreal, PICT, Pune! Set against the backdrop of Taare Zameen Par nostalgia, Pictoreal invites all college students and faculty members to showcase their artistic talents in an open-air intercollegiate painting competition.


The canvas is yours to conquer at Pics-O-Reel, and the possibilities are endless. Whether you prefer the traditional medium of paper or the world of digital art, this event offers a platform for every artistic style to shine. Submit 2 art pieces of any four types (Digital, Sketching/Painting, Photography, or Theme-based artworks) inspired by this year’s theme – ‘Colors of Emotions’. The registration fee for each entry is only ₹10!


But the excitement doesn’t end there. PICTOFEST promises a diverse array of activities to engage and inspire participants of all interests:

A. Lost In Pieces (Treasure Hunt): Embark on a thrilling adventure with our unique heist-themed treasure hunt. Teams will decode clues, solve puzzles, and race against time to uncover hidden treasures. With a chance to win exciting prizes, this is one treasure hunt you won’t want to miss!

B. Trivia Contest: Put your knowledge to the test in our action-packed quiz competition, featuring rounds of audio-visual challenges, GK questions, puzzles, and rapid-fire showdowns. Gather your friends and form a team to compete for the title of trivia champions.

And that’s not all! Pictofest also offers two exciting online-submission-based competitions:

A. Meme Making: Get your memes ready to participate in a hilarious meme-making competition. With no registration fee and the chance to showcase your wit and humour, this competition will be a crowd favourite.

B. Creative Writing: Let your words paint a picture in our creative writing competition, where participants can express themselves in English, Hindi, or Marathi based on a given prompt. With prizes up for grabs for the most compelling entries, this is your opportunity to leave a lasting impression with your storytelling skills.

To keep things fresh and creative, we have also brought about four workshops:

A. Pottery Workshop: Master the skilful artistry of clay.

B. Resin Art Workshop: Immerse yourself in a hands-on, captivating experience to create captivating resin artwork.

C. Mastering Blender Workshop: Delve into the world of Blender, from sculpting and modeling to animation and rendering.

D. Understanding Film Production Workshop: Explore every aspect of the filmmaking process, from pre-production to post-production editing.

The entire event is scheduled for 2 days, February 23rd and 24th. On the first day, engaging workshops such as “PLAY WITH CLAY” and “Mastering Blender” will kick off the festivities, along with a seminar on film production led by the esteemed sponsor, ALP Productions. The day will conclude with a special event titled “TAARE ZAMEEN PAR,” where attendees can participate in an open-air painting activity recreating an iconic scene from the movie.

The following day will elevate the experience with captivating sessions on ‘Resin Art’ and the continuation of Blender workshops with the second batch, followed by the events ‘Trivia Contest (Final Round)’ and an exciting hunt titled ‘Lost in Pieces’.

So, mark your calendars and prepare for an unforgettable weekend of art and excitement at Pictofest!

Visit our website https://www.pictofest.in/. Be sure to spread the word – because you wouldn’t want to miss this event! See you there!

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