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13 Amazing Snaps That Define NBN Sinhgad School Of Engineering | Campus Times Exclusive

All the Sinhgad Institutes spread across different corners of Pune city are well known for their beautiful campuses. Among those is the Ambegaon BK campus, also known as NBN SSOE. We bring you 13 remarkable images that show NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering Campus is worth spending ‘those’ four years.

The One with the Sinhgad Sign

Sinhgad Institute has grown like a weed plant (Pun intended for Lonavala campus guys!). No wonder all it’s colleges are on ‘high’ places. After 7 pm, all college signs start to glow and Pune becomes Time Square. Now that I’ve joined Sinhgad, its sign glows a little brighter for me. Unless it is this one particular sign.

sinhgad institutes sign

The One with the Cricket Ground

Diving reminds me Dhoni taking that leap for catching the ball behind the wickets! If this ground doesn’t make you want to become a cricketer, I don’t know what will. This Cricket Ground is a boon for cricket lovers in Sinhgad Family. Every Sunday it is filled with students playing cricket, and surprisingly, football.

nbn school of engineering sinhgad institutes

The One with the Herd of Buses

Remember the scene in Singham (Wow! I gotta change my taste in movies!) where all the police jeeps comes for the aid of Singham? Yep. This is exactly that. People who live at Hadapsar or Magarpatta (Peace be upon them) are aided by our heroic bus drivers.


The One with the Main Office Garden

Sinhgad is filled with beauty. No! I’m taking about the nature’s beauty. If you need some “fresh air” (ahem!) just stroll around the campus and you won’t be disappointed.*wink wink*


The One with the Trees

Just one word, Wanderlust.


The One with the Cultural Centre

We all know about the Sinhgad Karandak for its awesome events and more because of its celebrity judges! From Sinhgad Karandak to Cultural Day of every college, everything is celebrated at the amphitheater what we call as the Cultural Centre, true to its name.


The One with the Sitting and TP

Even the roads of my campus are more photogenic than me. *sigh* You’ll also notice the white color of buildings. Jaipur is Pink City, Sinhgad is White City.


The One with the CCD

Once you enter the Campus, you’re greeted with our very own CCD! Who wouldn’t want a place to hang out after you bunk those boring lectures? And if you’re not born with a silver spoon, there’s Cafe Lipton just behind that CCD. Or may be you can borrow somebody else’s silver spoon and go to CCD.


The One with the Central Library

Can you mix studying and fun,except for Bollywood movies? No,right? Sinhgad again surprises you! A 5 floors library with an open roof cafe at the top, which is open 24×7!!


The One with the Entrance

These are the 13 steps towards being an engineer! 4th one will make you trip! Pun intended. (Yes,there are only 12 stairs visible, don’t point that out like a jerk.)


The One with the Empty Corridor

While it might not be as colorful as the outside world, Our college reminds us of our School days *.* (Also because it’s kinda strict,but later on that!).


The One with the Computer

Just another computer lab. But our machines work, ALL of them! 😛


The One with the Lathe Machines

The only time a Mechanical Engineer is getting ‘Lathe’d.


If you were part of this college then I hope these images prove as a nostalgic trip down the memory lane! 🙂

Special thanks to our super awesome Campus Times Pune Team in NBN Sinhgad School Of Engineering who proactively helped us in every way possible to get this article published.

Vedant Pophale

Campus Times Ambassador (CTA)

Swapnil Kale


Shreeyash Deshpande


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  1. Noneofyourbusiness

    Before y’all start to read this answer. Pay some heed to what I say carefully . It’s your responsibility as a reader to filter out the the correct informative news reads. Clickbait is something one can’t avoid. You can’t blame the people behind it as it’s what they were given to do. Let’s have a reality check with this post, shall we?
    – Let’s first start with the title “13 Amazing Snaps That Define NBN Sinhgad School Of Engineering”. Couldn’t have done a better job.Effort-10/10
    – Let’s start with the first snap “The One with the Sinhgad Sign”. Firstly, the backlit sign board is no where around the premises of NBN school( Yes, it’s NBN Sinhgad school of engineering FYI).And one letter doesn’t illuminate. How cool is that? Not your regular engineering college (sorry school) you get to see everyday. (Seriously , no PUN intended). And if there was one how would it help you? Except the fact you’ll be scared about it falling over?. *Remembers Final Destination-1*

    -Moving on! “The One with the Cricket Ground” . It’s a moment of pride untill you realize that you’ll be sharing it with almost students from all college ( including nearby non-sinhgad colleges) . Almost forgot to say that you’ll have to jump over a large fence inorder to enter the ground. How cool is that?

    -Next! “The One with the Herd of Buses”. Seriously you could have done much better with this title. Show me just ONE way, JUST one f**king way how this has to do with studying in NBNSSOE. Do me a favor, show me at least one student in NBNSSOE who uses Sinhgad buses as a daily commute for college. Ain’t relevant at all. These are the buses mostly used for transportation of students of Springdale students. And also don’t be mad if you get in traffic when these thicc bus drivers block the whole f**king road during mornings and evenings. Don’t even think of getting me started about this. Total disappointment. Note to editor: It’s your responsibility to spread correct information. Who’ll be held responsible if a student who lives far and reads this article and joins NBN and gets to know that there’s no bus transportation. Careful!

    -“The One with the Main Office Garden”. It would be all fun sitting in a couch and reading this article expecting a lush green environment in NBN. Until you realize that NBN ain’t located at high altitudes such as SCOE and SKN. And yeah don’t be sorry if you see the red stuff that people spit smeared all over in your two wheeler seat. And yeah also helmet is compulsory as you’ll be welcomed by badam trees which welcomes you with a badam in your head. Watch out! Thank me later. FYI the picture used is the central office of SCOE. Quality information.

    -“The One with the Trees”. Are you kidding me? I would have atleast be satisfied if you’ve used a picture of the NBN parking lot. You guys are way above that. Unless and until you’ve got enough time to explore the Sinhgad Institutes you get to see it. Has nothing to do with NBN. Next ?

    -” The One with the Cultural Centre”. This is shared by all the Sinhgad Institutes. This is acceptable. The cultural center is a well built up place with good infrastructure for conducting various events. Many colleges miss this. Sinhgad scores a point in terms of extra curricular activities. Remains closed most of the time.

    -“The One with the Sitting and TP”. Back to the start again. As it states “Even the roads of my campus are more photogenic than me”. True, but it’s not in case of NBN. This is located in SCOE college. The only places where you can hangout is on the stairs of our NBNSSOE alongside a few dogs who just chill there all the time. Clickbait

    -“The One with the CCD”. LOL. On a serious note you don’t need a silver spoon to hangout at CCD. A working brain would do. I wouldn’t even call it a proper CCD Cafe. Half of the items in the menu aren’t available . And the classic old school CCD trick works here where the cashier adds up all the extras without notifying you. You can just add this place in terms of a hangout place but don’t forget to carry an ODOMOS.

    -“The One with the Central Library”. I can’t viably argue on this topic. The best part about studying in any vadgaon campuses is the library. Helps a lot during exams. Also due to lack of proper management, this library is used by students of almost all colleges that are nearby Sinhgad Institutes. Expect heavy crowd during exams. The library management has room for improvement.

    -“The One with the Entrance”. WTH. You must have atleast used the picture of the main entrance. It’s larger compared to this side entrance which remains closed during exams. Also expect some doggos chilling on the stairs. There’s nothing to worry about em untill you ask them” Who’s a good boy ?”.

    -“The One with the Empty Corridor”. Take a stroll in the corridor and the immediate thing you’ll notice at the end is the stench from the washrooms. Wow! So pleasant ?.

    -“The One with the Computer”. Let’s play a game. I’ll give you 30 seconds to find a computer with proper internet connection. I betya can’t do it. That’s how confident I am. The truth. And also if you have observed the editor mention the title as the one with the COMPUTER and not the one with the COMPUTERS. Get it? (Sorry, no pun intended).

    -“The One with the Lathe Machines”. This is how bad it can get seriously. Next time use the titles such as “The one with the Adruinos, Micro-controllers, DC Machines, Ubuntu Operated systems , tubelights, Fans, students, professors”. Maybe that’ll boost the college’s esteem. That isn’t an additional feature that our college is providing, it’s an equipment that a college or school( get it?) should provide if it offers mechanical engineering course.

    The reason behind this post isn’t due to my hatred for NBNSSOE. It’s because the data in this post is wrong. Provide correct information and spread a smile on our upcoming engineering students not by portraying wrong illustrive information . It has nothing to do with me . Just imagine how the a new student feel when he realises all the information is wrong. Correct it or well, face the consequences of your actions. Good day!

    • Hello Anonymous writer,

      First of all, let me thank you for putting all that effort. We do understand your point and love the way you’ve written it. Our team will be working on this as well as all other old articles to update information that might have changed over time. Also, please share your correct email id and contact details with our editor by mailing it on – contact(at)campustimespune(dot)com. We might have surprise for you!

      Best Regards,

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