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Honest College Reviews: 13 things to know about NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering, Ambegaon Pune

NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering was established in 2011-2012 and belongs to the big collection of engineering colleges that are collectively called as Sinhgad Institutes. It is located in Ambegoan, Pune.

nbn soe engineering college pune

So here we are presenting to you 13 things you would better wanna know before you enroll yourself to this college!

This is to bring a kind note to all our readers that none of the points given below are intended towards hurting anyone’s sentiments whatsoever. The views expressed below are gathered from multiple sources from within the respective institute and are not made up by our team in any way. The current article has been compiled by Vedant Pophale.

Almost invisible (to the ears also)

The building welcomes us with open hands and a closed gate, which is again barricaded with parked vehicles. The board is subtly covered with tree leaves. ALWAYS.

The newest college is next to the oldest. So it’s pretty unheard of. Most of the students don’t even know the full form of NBN (FYI, It’s Nivrutti Baba Navale).

Hostel students do get a pretty advantage of this.

The night is dark and full of terrors! *wink*


No Canteen...wait, you got to be kidding!

The first thing that comes to mind when I hear college, is canteen. And sadly, we have none.

But to even that up, the most generous bakers in Pune (you guessed it right!) opened an outlet just outside our college. In addition to NPB, we also have local food stores with a wide choice of menu but weirdly everything tastes the same. Kidding! (or am I?)

It also has a Photocopy center for those who eat only books.


No Practicals for first year students

I don’t know if this counts as good news or bad. But I felt pretty bad when they snatched our most fun 2 hours of college.

But as every bad side has a good one, we can sleep continuously for 2 hours now!


A lift to reach the 6th floor instead of half a billion stairs

We have all the departments situated in 6 parts of one building. We have to take 38 stairs on each floor. (Yes, I have counted!)

But worry not, we’ve got an amazing elevator to lift you and your spirit up (okay, maybe not the latter one).

So there is no envying of 1st floor Mechanical guys from 6th floor IT guys.


Strict Principal (Read Doloros Umbridge)

Our Principal is no Boman Irani from…well any college related movie (Ever wonder about that?) except for 3 idiots. And we can all relate to him (I guess Engineering College Principals have their own union). So obviously, there is no sudden dancing in the class or outside the class or in the dorms, or anywhere. (Wow Bollywood, you ruined college for us.)

Be it late/defaulters/low marks (Blasphemy!) and wrath be upon you! Only way to avoid all this is being in Slytherin, oh well! Sometimes we have to attend extra lectures AFTER college (gasp!)

Oh and no extra holidays, or fun.


Helping Teachers

They help us in our assignments, they make learning easy, they have a soft spot for students.

NOPE. Not that kinda helpful.

But they do help us in online exams. Be a help to the teacher and he/she will return the favor. Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris

They are a great help in learning too, they would stay an extra hour just because you have a query!


Okay-ish sports


There! I said it.

The sports events are usually combined, so the older and bigger colleges get the cream and all we end up is with ‘Paani wali chai’.


Vivaswan - The magazine

We have our own trilingual magazine that operates in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Each year it selects a theme and all the students are welcome to write an article/poem/jokes in it. It does help getting the creative side of a boring engineer out.


Attendance Ka Jhol

Again, if you’re good with the teachers, you can bunk a little more than an average student.

But as the Wrath of the Princi nears at the end of a year, no teacher can help you with your attendance.

Nope, not even your H.O.D.


Open for all, even the 'Ganpati-Ka-Chanda-Dedo' guys

Once you cross the fleet of vehicles on the main gate, there is no stopping. Anyone and everyone can come in.

From beggars to handicaps asking for help, to the bechare students promoting their college events and once, kids from a near by society came asking for chanda for their Ganpati Mandal.


Bucket-load of assignments

“You don’t have practicals, so here are thousands of pages of assignments, due tomorrow!”

The ‘Submission’ period is known to everyone but we might be setting a record of ‘Most pages wasted’ because the assignments we give in are huuuuge and annoyingly unnecessary, even though most of them end up as bhel ki pudiya.


Amazing Events

Sinhgad Education Society is well known for its events and that’s the only reason we are glad to be a part of it.

Be it technical events, sports events, cultural events, events-that-have-no relation-to-any-of-these events. Everything is here and we are in it!

From Concerts of international celebrities to the Bollywood celebrities as judge. And we get to see them all!


Sinhgad is a biiiiig family

A wise man once said “Family don’t end in blood, it doesn’t start there either”. 

Sinhgad is a way too big family. Bigger than the Gandhis or Weasleys.

The talent we have and the flaws we have, Sinhgad accepts us with the same warm smile. (Unlike our parents)

However the teachers, peons, HODs be, they always care about you, make you feel at home…BUT NOT THAT DAMN PRINCIPAL! *scoffs*


That was all for the NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering. If you think we missed out on some points, please enlighten us with your comment! That would be highly appreciated! 🙂

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  1. Too much wrong information:

    1. The image above given is not of NBN Sinhgad college of Engineering, Ambegaon. Engineering department have their own huge building now and above shown building is shared in between NBN SSOMS (NBN Sinhgad School of Management Studies and NBN Sinhgad school of computer studies).

    2. Who says its not visible. (yeah i can say that new engineering building is not visible) but the above shown building is very much visible. They have a huge board on the main road and in campus too. apart from this, main Library of Vadgaon-Ambegaon campus is in front of this building and I don’t think that people dont know about this building.

    3. No canteen point is bullshit. There are more than 30 canteens in vadgaon-ambegaon campus. even this building have his own canteen beside it. you are free to go to any of these canteen and no one gonna stop you.

    4. 6 floors? are you kidding? this building have 3 floors only.

    5. Strict principal: agree with this point but i would like to share that this principal is now no where associated with this college. He got fired and new principal is appointed by STES on his place.

    6. They have their own cricket team, table tennis Team, badminton team and Football team. if you wish to play, you can always ask for the equipment to the person there which is specially appointed to take care of sports related activities.

    7.Apart from Sinhgad karandak, NBN have their own event called ‘ZILLION”.

    IMP: This college(NBN) is so much popular in the students now – a – days. the crowd which used to hang out in vadgaon campus, came to ambegaon campus because of more facilities. after all Ambegaon have CCD, Lipton, NPB, etc. and yes, least but not the least.. Girls Hostels.

    • Dear kind sir!
      I’ll answer your queries by point wise, like you’ve done to the article.
      1. You are right, the picture is of different building. Due to the similarity in the name and the fact that few years ago NBNSSOE was located in the same building, this picture was uploaded. It will be changed.
      2. With the change in picture, you are proving your own point wrong. The new building, as you said, is not visible.
      3. By ‘No Canteen’ we meant no canteen affiliated to the college. It is mentioned later that there are many places, other than the so called canteen, where you can eat.
      4. Again, the new building has 6 floors.
      5. This article was compiled before the former principal was fired. Even so, not much has changed after the appointment of new principal.
      6. We didn’t participate in the cricket matches in previous years because we didn’t have a team. This year also, no team has been formed.
      7. Thank you for the additional information, it will be added to the list after checking with students of the college.
      Totally agreed with your note. The crowd sure is now moved to Ambegaon campus.

    • For ur kindly information brother u have seen only the building side to the central library u haven’t seen building of nbnssoe besides kaveri boys hostel

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