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This Sweet Song by Farhan Akhtar is a Perfect Motivation for Women Empowerment


“Chulein Aasman” from the upcoming movie Mard is the new internet sensation as Farhan Akhtar and Salim Merchant have composed a beautiful song focused on Women Empowerment in India.

The fact that only 30% women in India are on the internet is actually shocking as this is the largest gender gap online. The internet has witnessed many stories of how awareness can spread like a wildfire if done in the right way. This song also intends to do the same. It says the Internet can help empower women and open up unlimited possibilities for them.

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The song also features some of the successful women in India, most women would be interested to read about. Farhan and Salim call out all the women to shut the mouths of everyone who say,

“Padh likh kar kya karogi?
Tumko toh kisika ghar basana hai…”

Hats off to the celebrities like Farhan who come up for such social cause and have an influence on the society. This one has certainly raised expectations from his upcoming movie. All the Best, Farhan!

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