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Inside Out College Reviews: Symbiosis Institute of Technology (SIT)


Symbiosis Institute of Technology, a constituent of Symbiosis International University was established in the year, 2008 and currently offers B. Tech programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Information Technology and Mechanical Engineering.

Popularity Index

How famous is SIT in Pune?

Symbiosis Institute of Technology on its own is not that renowned. But Symbiosis as a brand has been quite trustworthy in the educational sector. So considering the brand value of Symbiosis, SIT scores huge in popularity index.


Where is SIT College located?
How to reach SIT?

Address: Near Lupin Research Park, Gram: Lavale, Mulshi, Maharashtra 412115

20 mins from Balewadi Bus Stand

30 mins from Aundh


How big is the SIT campus?

SIT infrastructure is part of the huge Symbiosis campus that houses other sister institutes other than SIT and to be honest the campus looks very beautiful with the mixture of greenery and architecture. The hostel here is 3-person per room type and is quite spacious and well-maintained.


Can I spend my 4 years here?

Due to the extortionate amount of fees that is levied here, the major part of crowd comprises of students who’s families are filthy rich. But you’ll start having fun after you blend in with the folks there.

Extra Curricular

What else is there apart from studies?

There are two fests that are organized in SIT every year. One is Reverb, which is a techno-cultural event. This event is one of the biggest college events in the city with participants coming in from various colleges like BVP, Cummins, FC, etc. The other event is called Pro Athletis which is a sports event. The campus is to host Annual Media Management Conclave 2015 as the year is its Silver Jubilee year.


Will I get a job?
Will I get placed?

This college being relatively new in the educational sector of Pune is not that fortunate when it comes to placements. 50-55% of students manage to land jobs in companies like Infosys and Synechron. The average salary package ranges from 3.4-3.6 lacs per annum.


Something to know about the teachers at SIT

The quality of faculty varies from branch to branch. The quality of CS and IT faculties are mediocre while the faculties of Mechanical, E&TC and civil engineering branches are regarded highly among the students.


Is the college strict about attendance?

SIT is ultra-strict about the attendance. Unlike other colleges they have even stricter rules that you gotta have 75% attendance individually in every theory lectures and practicals! And if you fail to abide by the attendance criteria you will be debarred from giving the exams.

Fee Structure

Is studying in SIT pocket-friendly?

Wow! I love this section.
Ok so here’s the THING:
The fees in Symbiosis Institute of Technology soars upto 2.5 lacs every year! Do I need to say more on this? I guess not!

Overall Review

If you got deep pockets, then you should be fine. There have been complaints that the facilities are not upto the mark when compared with the fees.

8.1 ratings out of 10!

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  1. saksham bhardwaj

    take admission in B.E (Computor Science )

  2. civil diploma complited

  3. Symbiosis Institute of Technology, situated in Lavale,Pune, is a trustworthy name amongst emerging engineering colleges in India.It offers B.tech and M.tech courses across major Engineering disciplines.If you ask me why SIT, I would say, that the college is a wonderful place,among hills, greenery and architecture. It also has a star studded faculty,which provides impetus to the development of a student,both in field expertise and, soft skills. Also the college has got really good internship, and placement options along with semester exchange programs, which provides students with diverse and ample experience in their fields.SIT also participates in many student competitions with active involvement of students so that they get hands on experience and knowledge to progress in their career.In short it is a very good choice for a college in terms of education and career development.

  4. SIT located in mountains in Mulshi has a very beautiful campus with a attractive infrastructure. It has a library and many well equipped labs. It provides a extravaganza of support to all its students interested in research,sports and many extra curricular activities. Reverb is the annual fest which provides a lot of joy to all the students. A lot of cultural festivals are celebrated and the students participation is quite impressive. The student – teacher interaction helps in the personality development of students. Overall it imparts a lot of abilities in the students which can help him succeeding in future and can be called as a “IDLE COLLEGE”.


    Courses are intricate to challenge your brain. Frequent modifications in the course prepares one to keep up with the competing world.

    Opportunities are plenty, variety of activities offered and your talent won’t go un-noticed.
    From sports to quizzes to dramas and dance, this college has everything.

    • CROWD
    Students from all over the world have the opportunity to share the same desk.
    Really warm and comforting environment for students.
    Staff, Faculty and fellow students get a chance to learn and share various cultural backgrounds.

    Situated on a hill this college offers a very eco-friendly and beautiful infrastructure.
    Well planned out campus with well maintained hostels, fitness facilities and a hygienic mess.

    Offers every student work experience before they graduate through the internship program.
    Offers 90% placement for B.Tech and 60% for M.Tech.

    Hostel services are beyond expectations, frequent bus services help ease the transportation fro students.
    Well equipped labs and classrooms

    If you got deep pockets, then you should be fine.
    Students do have the opportunity to earn scholarships.

    SIT is not just a college but a place to learn , grow and develop your academic as well as personal values. Although the fees are high, one should consider the opportunities and facilities offered.

  6. completed diploma in automobile would like to pursue for Be mechanical 2nd year.

  7. How can I prepare for the entrance exam?

  8. Burhan ibni Jeelani

    As per my verification the college is very good,there is quality education but one thing that is fee is too high which financially average student cannot afford easily. I request the college plz look into this matter so an financially average but good student can get education there

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