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Inside Out College Reviews : College of Engineering Pune (COEP Pune)


This college is the grandpappa of all the engineering colleges in Pune. It is also famous for being the 3rd oldest Engineering Institute in Asia. If you get admission here, then boss! You’re set! Established in 1854, CoEP has truly become the hub of engineering studies and not to mention the long list of their notable alumni.

Popularity Index

How famous is CoEP in Pune?

CoEP is popular not only in Maharashtra but all over India. In some cases, people know Pune because of this college! So without any hesitation, we rated the Popularity Index as 9/10.


Where is CoEP located?
How to reach CoEP?

Address: Wellesely Rd, Shivaji Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India- 411005

10 minutes from Shivajinagar Railway Station

20 minutes from Pune Railway Station

5 minutes from Bus Stop.

Located in the midst of one of the most crowded places in Pune i.e. Shivajinagar, CoEP has undoubtedly become one of the important landmarks in the area.


How big is the CoEP campus?

CoEP campus is quite big. According to the data available, it is estimated that CoEP campus rests over 36 acres of land. So there’s no shortage of space. In addition to that, all CoEP buildings are the product of early British architecture and look magnificent.


Can I spend my 4 years here?

The crowd in CoEP is 60% nerdy and rest 40% are into cultural stuff. It’s fun. But sometimes it gets wierd for the people who dont fall in either of the groups. But yeah all in all, the crowd is fantastic.

Extra Curricular

What else is there apart from studies?

Uncountable extra-curricular activities are organized in CoEP through out the academic year. MindSpark, Annual Sports Fest Zest, Regatta and along with that CoEP has been one of the leading prize winners in events like Firodiya Karandak, Purushottam Karandak, Mood Indigo, etc. COEP Pune has the best entrepreneurship cell in the town. It is known as BHAU’s E-Cell that keep on conducting quality events and workshops for entrepreneurs throughout the year. E-Weekend’15 happening this September is a highlight.


Will I get a job?
Will I get placed?

Over 100 companies visit CoEP every year. During placement seasons, the environment is so rummed up in placement activities that you’ll attend at least one company even though you’re not interested. So that’s the level of placements here.


Something to know about the teachers at CoEP

The faculty in CoEP is highly qualified (or over qualified?). Recently the director of CoEP has been appointed as the AICTE Chief. So you can imagine the level now!


Is the college strict about attendance?

It is mandatory to maintain 75% attendance but then that also depends on the faculty. Some are strict about attendance while some just don’t care. Students are more worried about missing such valuable lectures here.

Fee Structure

Is studying in COEP Pune pocket-friendly?

The fees in CoEP ranges somewhere between 50k-60k which is pretty decent compared to the recent trends.

Overall Review

If you get it, you take it and offer human sacrifices to please the Gods.

9.0 ratings out of 10!

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  1. I have qualified in JEE Mains. (111 marks) and appeared for JEE Advance. If I did not qualify in Advance, I have listed some NITs and I m prefering College of Engineering Pune also. So what is the chance of getting Computer Science Engineering branch?

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