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Inside Out College Reviews: Army Institute of Technology (AIT Pune)


Established in 1994 AIT Pune is one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra that functions under the patronage of Army Welfare and Education Society (AWES). Here’s the catch: It offers admission only to the wards of army personnel.

Popularity Index

How famous is AIT in Pune?

Quite famous among the army folks. Almost all the students of army background in Pune as well as other parts of the country dream of being part of this college.


Where is AIT College located?
How to reach AIT?

Address: Alandi Road, Dighi Hills, Pune, Maharashtra 411015

20 mins from Bhosari Bus Depot.

Accessibility is an issue most of the times and students therefore prefer to stay in college hostels.


How big is the AIT campus?

Infrastructure of AIT is what we would say ‘upto-the-mark’. There are well equipped classrooms, laboratories and air-conditioned library. However, the oomph factor is that they also have a shopping complex inside the campus along with good sports facilities!


Can I spend my 4 years here?

The first thing that you would usually notice about the crowd here is their discipline! Ofcourse its an Army Institute! The majority crowd is enthusiastic and full of energy. You’ll definitely love it here if you’re into sports and stuff. And the best part about the crowd here is that they are a mixture of people coming from all parts of India. Sounds interesting right?

Extra Curricular

What else is there apart from studies?

Every year AIT Pune organizes their annual festival called Tech Akriti which is hotly contested.

Other than this, lot of other activities (mostly sports) are conducted through out the year in AIT Pune.


Will I get a job?
Will I get placed?

The placements in AIT are evergreen with the average package ranging in between 3.5 to 4L per annum. Tata Motors, Infosys, Zensar are their major recruiters.


Something to know about the teachers at AIT

It was hard for us to find one student who had any sort of complaints about the faculties here. The faculties are quite experienced and know exaclty what they are doing.


Is the college strict about attendance?

C’mon. Its an army college. What did you expect? Attendance rules are strict and fines ranging from INR 50 to 2k are levied based on the deficit.

Fee Structure

Is studying in AIT pocket-friendly?

Fees here ranges from 1.10 – 1.25 lacs per year which is again a hefty investment to make.

Overall Review

Not a bad choice. AIT is always in demand among the top players.

8.0 ratings out of 10!

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