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Honest Event Reviews : Aarohan 2015 (Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Kothrud)


The mega cultural event of the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, MIT Aarohan has came to an end on the 20th of March 2015.

Aarohan was spearheaded in the year 2013 by a group of frenzied individuals of the MIT College of Engineering.

In the year of its genesis, it emerged to be one of its kind college festival and a meeting platform for all culture and art enthusiasts of the city, personifying its vibrant spirit. The event attracted a footfall of more than 6000 students from over 50 colleges across Pune.

The 3rd edition of the event started off with a bang with events like Fusion Concert by Anand Bhate & Amar Oak, gigs by topmost bands of Pune, super bike & car show. The main event though was Miss India Campus Princess Auditions judged by Miss India Finalist Miss Aditi Vats.

Prize Money

MIT Aarohan was three days of absolute fun and delight! Participants came from more than 30 colleges all over the city.

With hard work and sheer determination from the volunteers and co-ordinators, along with the support of senior staff and faculty, MIT-Aarohan makes another successful attempt at building its strong reputation as one of the best and biggest cultural events in the city!

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The 3rd edition of the event started off with a bang with…

Review Overview


Super Fun!

Summary : Aarohan Fest involved a myriad of activities which had something for each and everyone. There was paintball, LAN gaming, simulators, rifle shooting, thumb fight, box cricket, box football and many other entertaining events.

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