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Solutions 2K24 Unveiled: Anticipating the Extraordinary by AIT Pune | 4th-8th April 2024

Solutions 2k24, Pune’s biggest technical fest, is hosted by the Technical Board of the Army Institute of Technology. The 4-day technical extravaganza, commencing on April 4 and culminating on April 8, promises to be an electrifying showcase of technical competitions and seminars.

The festival consists of a mind-blending array of challenges that will put your sharp minds to the test. The festival boasts a variety of events ranging from coding to robotics and a humongous prize pool of over Rs 9 lakh.


The Technical Board at the Army Institute of Technology is the largest board on campus. The technical board has a wide array of members associated with it. The Technical Board, as a group of over 100 members under the able guidance of secretaries Vansh Vatsal and Anushna Panwar, is organising this year’s Solutions 2024. The board is known for its utmost commitment and professionalism in conducting events seamlessly.

Presenting to you the top 5 things you should be looking forward to during Solutions 2024:

1. Coding
If you believe you possess exceptional problem-solving abilities or have a knack for finding efficient solutions, then this event is for you. Two competitions are held under this domain: SheCode and ShortCode. The events have a scintillating price pool of over 50K.

Shecode: It is a women-only coding challenge conducted offline at the Army Institute of Technology, hosted on HackerRank. The coding challenge promises to unfold your talent for logical building and problem solving.

ShortCode: It is an engaging event where participants race against the clock to solve challenging questions and determine the most optimal and efficient solution possible. Marking is done on the basis of the time taken and the number of characters used in the solution.

2. Movie Making
Calling all budding storytellers and directors to present their creation at a national level technical fest. The event aims to foster creativity among the young minds. The participants pose a chance to win their share from the huge price pool of over 15K.


3. Gaming
If you are the gaming maestro among your buddies this is the time to stun everyone with your gameplay. Solutions 2024 has got you covered with our gaming competitions in Valorant and BGMI. The event has a prize pool of over 50K.

The event gives you an excellent chance to play your favorite game and win exciting prize.

4. Placement Apti
If you are gearing for an interview. This is the chance to test your aptitude skills for acing the interview. With over 1K participants it would be a thrilling event challenging your logical and quantitative aptitude.

The challenge gets more exciting with a prize pool of over 15K. Buckle up and stand a chance to get a podium finish.

5. Machine Learning
If you are a prompt engineer or a machine learning enthusiast, we have got you covered. Two competitions are held under this domain Project Jupyter and Flash 500.

The event gets you an opportunity to test your prompt engineering skills, creativity and your technical skillset. The event gets more glittering with a prize pool of over 35K.


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