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Why & What of Deafness – World Deaf Awareness Week Day 6

Day 6 of the World Deaf Awareness Week being celebrated worldwide. Let us take out some time and have a look at some extra ordinary talents and skills these special kids posses. The following article has been written by a 16 year old kid. Identity kept confidential on request…

Any disabled person has to make efforts to survive in a world that is largely made for the able bodied. It is only when the able bodied become aware, will the lives of the disable bodied change. Today is the day of awareness, and so is tomorrow, and the day after as well. It’s a part of a gig to generate respect among the able and disabled ones. “Respect” comes when one learns about differences, the origin of such differences. By learning in such a manner one would find that it is our differences that make us unique.

"The problem is not the (deaf) children do not hear. The problem is that the hearing world does not listen." - Rev Jesse L.Jackson

The deaf people cannot hear. That explains all. They can do everything that able people do, but hear. That disability led to sign language. The deaf use signs for every word. Weekdays, Months, etc. have a sign. Monday has a sign. If the sign language dictionary does not have a sign for some words, then one can “fingerspell” such words. Finger spelling is basically depicting alphabets like “A”, “B”, etc. with fingers  and thus spelling it out.

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Sign language has its own vocabulary, grammar, syntax, rules. It has every characteristic of a sign language. Unlike in English, sign language has a different sentence formation. One would say “I am watching a movie” , but in sign language it would become “I am movie watching”. Obviously because once you sign a subject followed by object, the verb can be assumed by referring to the context of the conversation. This makes a sign language fluent. It is about signs, symbols, expressing through gestures, facial expressions. It’s a unique language.

Age :- 16

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