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Art of Being Grateful (World Deaf Awareness Week – Day 3)

It’s day 3 of the World Deaf Awareness Week. Today we present you three thoughtful messages from three special kids of age 11, 12 and 13. All of them want to tell us something that they have been experiencing while being part of the world that we, normal people live in.

The 11 Year Old Kid explains to us Why Sign Language is Important.

World Deaf Awareness Week - Day 3

The 12 Year Old Kid Tells us his Perception Towards Being Deaf, and What it Really Means to him

World Deaf Awareness Week - Day 3

The 13 Year Old Kid Teaches us a Quality to be Grateful for What we Have

World Deaf Awareness Week - Day 3

Now that is a quality that we may have long forgotten, the quality to be grateful for what we have. Even with her difficulties she is grateful for the life she has. It is truly a lesson for all of us.

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  1. Pastor Borbor Arku

    hello how is the Deaf home and your Deaf Missions
    I am the Deaf Coordinator the Lutheran Church Deaf Congregation of Lofa County.Liberia project deaf school and deaf children.Deaf poor.orphan. there is ho Good Learn Sign Language in lofa County. Liberia. Thanks You. Pastor Borbor Arku

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