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My Serendipity | World Deaf Awareness Week – Day 4

The following article has been written by a 15 year old boy from a School of Special Children in Pune. Identity kept anonymous on purpose.. We are celebrating the World Deaf Awareness Week from 24th – 29th September followed by articles and contributions from special kids who are way better than the “so called” normal world.


The beauty of any language lies in its words. Words, especially the ones that depict feelings like – Euphoria, life, cheer, beaming are few that really hit the right chords of the reader. One can instantly picture an image when you read such words.

Just a year back I happened to see a gathering and Mr. Barrack Obama’s speech on TV. (And yeah, I must not forget to mention that I adore him). He’s just so darn classy and I follow his work very often.

Obama at the Dumb and Deaf Preschool having Fun with Children

After his speech, when he was leaving the dais, a deaf college student signed him “I am proud of you” (using the general American Sign Language). Without missing a beat the president signed back “Thank you!” in sign language. I cannot articulate the cocktail of emotions I felt on seeing that. The only word that crossed my mind was “Serendipity”.

Serendipity – Dictionary says it is a noun for “Finding something good without looking for it”

Simply put, it means a fortunate accident. On coming across this scene on TV I realized how “Sign Language” is my serendipity. The warmth that lies in conveying via gestures brings people closer. Now think of the signs that everyone, able or disabled uses:  The thumb raised upwards for “Good Luck!”  Or the goodbyes you show by waving your hands. Aren’t you reminded of all the good memories?

That’s the beauty of sign language…
Yeah! Minus the Sound.

Age:- 15

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