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Three German Students decide to Bring Smile on a Homeless Guy’s Face

It was a just a normal day for that homeless guy. Sitting by a pillar and staring at the empty bowl which he had kept on the pavement so that some Good Samaritan would spare a penny for his miserly state.

Sympathy- that’s all he was expecting from the passers by. But sadly in this monotonous and materialistic world, who has the time to spare a second for a miserable homeless guy? People sulked, people frowned, people scowled looking at his withered, wrinkled and un-shaved face. But this day had few surprises in store. Something out of ordinary.

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He noticed a well-dressed young man who sat next to him. Who is he? Why is he sitting next to me? Thoughts fluttered across his otherwise blank mind.

“Can I have that white bucket?” – the young man asked.

After a moment of hesitation the old man slowly handed over the bucket to this young man. And what follows after this is simply awesome! Watch the video to know more! I bet you’ll cry!

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