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Troika 2016 To Be Held On The 11th, 12th & 13th Of January At The Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce (BMCC)

Established in 1943, BMCC is one of the most prestigious commerce colleges in Pune. It offers various courses in business management and commerce. Having received the “Best College Award” by SPPU and constant accredition of Grade ‘A’ by NACC, it has shown its potential for excellence.

The spark of the college is its mirthful crowd in the flamboyant atmosphere. Not only does BMCC have deliberations in international affairs, but it also features NCC and NSS for humanitarians.The students of this immemorial college organise various inter-collegiate fests and events which entail and exhibit harmonious connections among everyone.

A plethora of people coming together to compete as well as socialise and leave with the illuminating spirit of Troika.
Troika meaning ” three ” in Russian is a collaboration of three events – Business Talent Hunt, Beyond Horizon and Technotainment.

2016 will be Troika’s 6th year. The fest features various literary, intellectual, entertainment and  management events.

Troika has always had centralised themes like cartoons, TV shows and superheroes. This year, it rides on the tracks of ‘ Roadtrip’.
It isn’t limited to such activities but also has a social cause for children.

16 Awesome Events in Store For You!

So When Is The Event??

It’s gonna be a three day party over at BMCC College starting from the 11th of January upto the 13th. Be there! Also the Campus Times Team will be setting up a photo booth at the venue! You wouldn’t wanna miss it!

I Wanna Know More!

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BMCC Troika 2016

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