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Truth Behind the Mass Campus Recruitments by Indian IT Giants & their Relationship with some of them

For those not following the news, Let us give you a brief overview of TCS – Tata Consultancy Services. On 24th July 2014, it established itself as India’s most-valued company. It became the first Indian company to surpass Rs. 5 lakh crore ($83 billion at 60 rupees for 1 dollar) in market capitalization. The image here is a delight to look at for many of those innocent souls placed in TCS.

TCS Market Cap in Crores

It has even eclipsed Mukesh Ambani-controlled Reliance Industries, which for a long time enjoyed the status of India’s most valued company. What’s more? It currently values more than the next four IT companies (Infosys, Wipro, HCL Htech, and Tech Mahindra) combined together! Grand Achievements TCS!

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The major reason to these big numbers is its huge number of employees. How many? 3000? 30,000? Nope according to March-14 figures it houses over 3 lakhs (3,00,470) employees. Enough to qualify as a city! Then we may have ‘TCS City’ with probably everyone belonging to one religion “TCS”!!! Unity, i must say!

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And TCS continues its aggressive hiring strategy.  A Feb’14 News states –

“TCS  Tata Consultancy Services hires 21,000 via campus hiring, to take 4,000 more. Also 35000 offers would be given to freshers and overall stated target of hiring would be 55000.”

How does TCS manage these big numbers? Tata Consultancy Services has been digitizing its campus hiring process by launching the NextStep. An online recruitment portal that helps connect the students all over India.

TCS has tied up with over 450 institutes, from where students can do everything from applying to getting a joining letter through TCS.

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But Why Hire such a Large Number from Campuses?

Reason behind the company hiring so many students from the campus when Industry repeatedly speaks of the gap between the academics and industry is because –

Freshers are Cheap!!!

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Fresher salaries in TCS are on an average Rs 3.50 lacs per annum. This figure hasn’t changed over the last 4 years because the management suggests that this will have a cascading effect , increasing salaries across all employee levels. So as long as the freshers who crave for jobs keep coming out of the ever increasing Engineering factories. TCS strategy is bound to succeed! But what about the career growth every fresher dreams of?  So the freshers unfortunately are going to be stagnant at least for the few initial years of their career.

Then What's the Deal with PCCOE?

For those who are unaware, TCS has been scoring centuries since consecutive 4 years in Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering now. And that makes everyone think, what is the reason behind 123, 101, 104 and 125 students of PCCOE in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 respectively? Read on..

PCCOE's Marriage Preparations

PCCOE is known across campuses for its great placement rate. The institute is quick on grabbing this opportunity where it leaves no stone unturned. The Principal, HODs and especially the TPO (Training and Placement Officer) work hard on their level to make appropriate arrangements.

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The tension is seen even at the top management with the staff getting hyper and restless during the “TCS times”. The students who don’t fit in the criteria obviously get filtered out. But this ain’t enough! They are looked upon as disgraced criminals for being incapable of qualifying for the big battle. You can hear many staff members mock you, as if you are going to end up begging for a job on streets, family starving to death, (I hope you get what I mean to convey.. Oh Yeah! Been there…) All this because you’re not eligible for the TCS drive. It just brutally murders your self confidence being a fresher and you start questioning your existence. Sad.. Isn’t it?

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But the warriors on the other end aren’t safe either. There are times you wish you weren’t eligible. There are special lectures arranged, separate sessions conducted, countless tests and aptitude papers to solve. Students irrespective of their branch are seen slogging through the days to prepare well for their life’s first placement opportunity. But being eligible, if you fail to comply with the preparations going on, something terrible happens! Here is a great comic that we could collect and it explains all!


Real Images from the Cartoon that has been drawn above –

Aptitude books finally opened, Tips on Interviews finally taken seriously, Resume prepared, Company website browsed students are ready to board the express to the IT Jungle.


The Story after Engagement

The disciplined sincere boxes wrapped with blue and white stripes are  finally  ready from the factory! Ready to be delivered all over the TCS locations, where they would often be left unopened until TCS finally finds something useful in them.

Saying goes that Getting an Offer letter from TCS is fairly easy but getting a Joining letter from TCS is an achievement. The earlier batches waited sometimes even greater than a year for their joining letters. The 2013 batch was luckier with Joining letters coming as early as September, but only to those performing great at Aspire. (TCS’s Pre-Training learning).

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This filtration is at all levels in TCS, After joining the Readiness Assessments, then other Assessments after training before you get a Project. Indeed the stories of Trainees sitting on a bench for a year aren’t unheard of. And on the other hand the story of Achievers who rode TCS’s success story. But again cannot ignore the bias towards the bench!

FRESH FRESH! – TCS Firing up to 15,000 Employees in 2015

TCS remains the day 1 company for PCCOE for the past few years, and stated during the campus recruitments, that the quality of students has considerably gone up. This is good news for PCCOE who crossed the 100 mark even when the surrounding college struggled with the numbers. Cheers!!

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