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Vividh 2022 : National Inter-Collegiate Annual Cultural Festival SVKM’S Pravin Gandhi College of Law!

SVKM’S Pravin Gandhi College of Law brings to you the 13th edition of their National Inter-Collegiate Annual Cultural Festival. GM Modular presents Vividh 2022,co-powered by the Central Bank of India. The dates for the festival are 8th,9th, and 10th April 2022. 13 years ago, our college came up with the beautiful idea of hosting a cultural fest, Vividh. A way to break free from stress and fill the college with love and laughter. Ranging from serious and intellectual events like spelling bee and stock market simulation to events filled with fun and playfulness like Bollywood singing and group dance, not to forget the tough and competitive sporting events both physical and digital. The amazing theme of our event this year is vivere in momento- live in the moment. I can think of no better words that suit better to what we are trying to showcase with VIVIDH’22.

The plethora of committees included in are fest are-

The committee of literary arts brings you events that enrich and expand your academic spirit while giving you an opportunity to showcase your ingenious and lexical ability. The committee Performing Arts offers you an opportunity to showcase your talent, skills, imagination, and confidence, Music will be your temptation. Imagination, innovation, and passion there are no better words to describe the events of the Creative and Fine Arts division. To celebrate the spirit of teamwork and competitiveness the Gaming and Sports committee brings physical and digital events that will test your gaming and athletic skill whilst having a fun-filled entertaining time. The committee of Management Events brings you events that will let you showcase your entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge of economics just like a true entrepreneur.

The committee of Informals offers exciting, fun-filled, and entertaining events that will let you showcase your talents and utilize your creativity to its fullest.

The committee of Entertainment is organizing a spectacular pro-nite on the last day of the fest that is greatly looked forward to by everyone to let loose and dance away their troubles. Join us for our pre-event, War of DJs on 5th April 2022 at 7 p.m at Hex, Andheri West.  We are excited to announce that we have Sunburn for this year’s pronite.

The committee of Hospitality is always there for you to assist you and help you at every step of the way during the entire event to make your experience as pleasurable and delightful as it can possibly be. The Public Relations committee is the voice of our fest spreading our vividh spirit while hosting fun-filled interactive activities.

The Marketing committee is the soul of our fest from coordinating with the rest of the committees to getting us sponsors for our fest they do it all.
We ask all of you to come to be a part of this spectacular experience with us while leaving all your worldly troubles outside and truly Vivere in moment.
For registrations and more details, visit http://www.vividhfest.org or check out the official Instagram handle @vividhfest

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