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Ritu David Talks About Future of Digital Marketing at 24adp Conference Pune

Campus Times Pune had an opportunity to be an ecosystem partner at 24adp – Pune’s First Digital Marketing Conference that took place in June 2015. We got a chance to meet and interview Madhuri Bogawat, Arun Prabhudesai, Ritu David, Jitendra Vaswani and many other digital industry experts. Today, we are releasing our 3rd 24adp interview with Ritu David.

For our readers who don’t know her, Ritu David started her journey in India as a consulting CEO of Social Samosa, where she took a a critical role of stabilizing the managerial system. Before moving to India, her passion for digital marketing led her to Sydney and Singapore as a digital media consultant. She founded Ritu David Consulting which is an omni-channel business consulting firm that delivers simple solutions by harnessing Business Acumen, Data Insights and Technology.

She worked with top intelligence agencies in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia, employing her skills to optimize decision making in complex situations. She has also contributed to Prime Ministerial level strategic decision-making and was blessed with the opportunity to apply game theory to live Allied ops in Afghanistan.

So here comes the video with Ritu David where she speaks about ‘Near Future of Digital Marketing‘ and her experience at 24adp!


** Video Transcript **

Q. How was your experience at 24adp?

A: It’s been a great experience. It’s been an ecosystem that i have just dropped myself in. I have learned so much about what’s happening in Digital Marketing in Pune and all the opportunities and challenges people face, the strengths and weaknesses we have as an industry here as well. So..yeah it’s been a great experience and a great exposure. I have had a chance to meet some brilliant people and the ideas I am going home with and the inspiration is just fantastic.

Q. Would you be coming in next year?

A: Of course! Will you invite me?

Q. What would be your message to people who have just started up in the digital domain?

A: I think, one of the biggest challenges is to keep content up to mark. Because when you start you have so much josh and then 1o months down the line when you wanna go on a holiday to Goa, you slack off a little bit. So I think a great thing is to have, to engage with your customers and your readers and your viewers, because they will keep you there. If you know there is someone sitting there who expects your videos, you’re gonna do it. But if you’re not having conversations with them, you’re just gonna be lost. So the thing is, keep your content really good, engage with your people and keep remembering why you started and don’t forget.

Q. Do you think video is going to be the future of Digital Marketing?

A: I think after Video Marketing we will have a different future. But thing that’s happening now is a definite move towards video. People are much more likely to have recollection and retention with video. What is also great about video is that, creating a narrative is a lot easier. With text and photographs that’s a bit more challenging. I think we have moved away from wanting to get products pushed at us. Now we want narratives. So video is a very positive thing. One of the great things about digital video is more people are likely to pay attention to video when it’s on their mobile phone as opposed to when it’s on television. So digital video is killing it!

Q. What's your view about Campus Times Pune?

A: Alright, so I have done two interviews now with Campus Times Pune. I think that you guys are on the ball. You know how to conduct interviews, you know how to do post production, you know how to do production and so you are just video content creators rather than people who just shoot videos. You guys are doing it really well and the greatest thing about it is that you are very lovely and polite people and you make people feel comfortable. You are not encroaching and don’t even realize there’s a camera. So I think when you can connect with people, then the video is just made.

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  1. I would love to be a speaker next year on any topic on digital marketing. Iam founder of eventum marketing in gurgaon and very passionate about this field.

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