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Discussing ‘New Age Media’ in an Interview with Arun Prabhudesai, Founder – Trak.in

I usually start my articles with an introduction of what or who am I writing about. But this man here needs no introduction when it comes to Blogging and Startup Ecosystem of India. For our readers who don’t know him, Mr. Arun Prabhudesai is an entrepreneur, blogger, internet addict and much more. Founder of Trak.in – one of the most popular Business and Technology blogs in India, Armoks Interactive Labs and a Pune-based startup hover.in; Arun inspires many young hearts (including me) who wish to become successful bloggers.

After being in IT industry for 12 years across three continents, he came back to India because he wanted to start something of his own. So he started blogging and sharing the knowledge he had gained in these years. The first post for trak.in was written in 2007. Since then, the blog has come a long way and recently published its 1000th post and still counting…

Campus Times Pune had an opportunity to be an ecosystem partner at 24adp – Pune’s First Digital Marketing Conference that took place in June 2015. We got a chance to meet and interview Jitendra Vaswani, Arun Prabhudesai, Madhuri Bogawat, Ritu David and many other digital industry experts. So here comes the first video with Arun Prabhudesai where he speaks about New Age Media and Content in 2015.


** Video Transcript **

Q. How was your experience at 24adp?

A: I was not there the whole two days, but today it was fantastic. I think digital is moving at such a fast pace that it is very difficult to keep up with what’s happening. So when you attend such conferences like 24adp, it becomes very easy to grasp everything that is happening in different areas. While I am in tech and I write about tech day in day out, the conferences like 24adp helps you understand what is going on everywhere else. Like a 360o view. As there are so many parallel track sand so many sessions going on, you can actually take what you want. If you know something, you can leave that aside. So its a very nice knowledge sharing program.

Q. You started as a blogger 7 years ago. How has the content marketing changed since then?

A: Oh Drastically! I mean it has changed.. 360o and the reason is what I presented today. Mobile! Mobile has brought about so many changes that now the dominant platform through which the content gets consumed is mobile and not desktop. So, the way you write, what you write, what you present, everything has changed. So, 7 years ago what I used to blog, if I blog now, I will fail. I have evolved slowly but now a complete U-turn is happening. So now you have to focus more on mobile and desktop can take a backseat.

Q. What would be your message to the novice bloggers who are envisioning to become like you someday?

A: I will tell you what, so many times so many people ask me the same question. I tell them the one thing a blogger needs to have to be successful. They need PATIENCE and CONTENT! These two things remain constant all the time and never change. So concentrate on good quality content, be patient and you’ll be successful. Blogging is not a overnight game. You have to keep at it for a long time to be successful.

Q. Do you think, over-focusing on Social Media has contaminated the holistic approach of Digital Marketing?

A: Wow! Excellent. To be honest, very good question. I agree. People are concentrating far too much on social media. Basically, they should spend more time on content, like I said. Yes! Social Media is important, but it has its place. It cannot replace your content. Quality content is still the core of blogging. It is still the main ingredient that will make you successful. Social Media without content is nothing!

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